Keyboard shortcut: goto first/last page in a section

Keyboard shortcut: goto first/last page in a section

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I just discovered this shortcut the other day and I wanted to blog about it:

    Alt+Home/End – Takes you to the first/last page in a section

I wasn't sure if this was documented before but I thought it was great and I wanted to pass it on. Have a great weekend all!

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  • Sorry !

    But I think it will take you to the "Home Page" of your internet Explorer.

    Correct me if Im wrong.


    Shijin Gopinath

  • No the keyboard shortcut I gave you was for OneNote 2007.  

    Not IE or Firefox (Alt-Home does this in FF & IE).

  • Nice Tip.

    Feature request:

    Alt + up/down arrows to move up/ move down a Page at a time ?

  • You can go up/down a page at a time with Ctrl+PageUp/Down.

  • This shortcut is helpful if you work with the keyboard. Is there a simmilar possibility for a tablet PC in fullscreen mode? I think about a button "next page", but unfortunately I haven't found such a button.

    Any ideas?

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