Sort Pages powertoy

Sort Pages powertoy

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Here is another powertoy that I wrote that I wanted to share with you all. What does it do? It will sort any section's pages into alphabetical order, like this:




  1. You need to have OneNote 2007 + the .Net Framework 2.0 installed on your machine
  2. Download the file here:
  3. Install it!
  4. Close and restart OneNote
  5. You will now have a new toolbar button that you can click which will sort the currently viewed section's pages. The button looks like this:


  1. There is NO UNDO! Once you click that button it will sort the pages and you cannot revert the changes so be careful.
  2. You can only sort A-Z, there are no other options.
  3. It sorts by whatever order the .Net Framework believes is correct for your locale. For example sorting in Japanese does not sort by phonetic sounds like it does in Excel (and other Office apps).
  4. For large sections performance isn't the best, just let it finish and it will eventually get there.
  5. There is no prompt before sorting the pages

As you can see there is still some work that could be done with this but I just didn't have the time. I hope to post the code soon and then anyone can take it, add whatever options they want and make it a whole lot better.

I wanted to thank Kazuko Hishikawa, a Tester on the OneNote team, for helping me out and finding all of the issues that I just didn't have time to work out : ) Thanks Kazuko!

Please let me know what you think, I am just excited that I can point this out to my mom since she really wants this feature. If you have problems or questions please let me know in the comments.

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  • Daniel,

    This addon is SO highly coveted!  I fully plan on using OneNote for my clinical practice, however, I was really concerned about being able to find my patients quickly.  This will be just great (I can sort at the end of every day).

    Suggestions?  Well, maybe an addon like this, but it will automatically take a page that begins with B and place it in the B section (or any other letter).  This will help me find my patient's names more quickly.



  • This seems to only do pages in a section, not the sections themselves. Since pages in a section are sort of date ordered I don't really mind their ordering (since I normally need to see the last few pages only), but the sections is the big area where sorting is needed.

    It works very well though on the pages :)

  • I can't get this or the Word Count power toy to work...and it says I already have the .Net Framework 2.0 installed as part of my operating system. And of course, I have the wonderful OneNote 2007.

  • I can't get the toolbar option to show up at all. It also doesn't display in my list of add-ins.

    I'm running Vista and OneNote 2007.

    This looks like a great add-in!

  • I rebooted, removed the add-in, and re-ran the setup. worked like a charm. great work. we'll get this posted up on GBM

  • Dan Escapa is on a tear releasing a set of new PowerToys for OneNote 2007. What's going on is that a

  • I'd like to be able to right click on a section and select alphabetize.

  • Absolutely great add on.  Great to see the comments from Dr. Erik too with how it helps keep track of his patients!  I have it now on all my tablets with One Note and will use it regularly.  Keep the good stuff coming!  

  • Do you use OneNote 2007? Check out this powertoy for One Note from Dan Escapa. It sorts tabs in alpha

  • Due to a busy travel schedule and working on the agenda of Dev & IT-Pro Days 2007 , I haven't been

  • >>I'd like to be able to right click on a section and select alphabetize.

    Exactly what I've been looking for over the past 2 years of using OneNote.

    "Sort pages alphabetically" is great.

    "Sort Sections alphabetically" would be nirvana.

  • This plug-in dies when apply to empty sections. To replicate:

    1. create a new section called test

    2. delete the default page created my One Note

    3. Apply A-Z sorting using plug-in

    OneNote hangs and I get a message about HRESULT appearing in a dialog box.

    Otherwise this plug-in is very useful, so thanks for the effort taken to develop it!

  • Mark - Looks like you found a bug I didn't test for.  *sigh* if you want I will be publishing the code so you can fix it up if you want!

  • .. sort to pages unfortunately refused to work for me on onenote 2007 (with netframework 2.0) as well,  even after uninstalling, rebooting and reinstalling. the same applies to the word count powertoy.

  • confuchsia - Are you running Windows Vista?  Do you have UAC/LUA turned off?  I have only heard of a problem where people had UAC turned off and you need to reinstall the app and select the "Install for All Users' option and that seemed to fix up most problems.

    Please let me know if this works for you as well, thanks!

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