Sort Sections powertoy

Sort Sections powertoy

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How could we have guessed that people had so many sections that they would want to organize them with just a click of a button? With that being said I finally finished up my sort sections powertoy. Pretty much I took the same code for the sort pages and changed it to work for sections, it was pretty easy. I had a harder time with Visual Studio & getting my setup project to work correctly (oh and the icon that was a pain too).





  1. Make sure you have OneNote 2007 Installed & the Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0
  2. Download the file from here:
  3. Install
  4. Close and restart OneNote
  5. Click on the new button you have:


Now you are all set!

CAUTION: I didn't do any real testing other than a quick sanity tests, buyer beware! Oh and if you try it with a blank notebook you will just get a bunch of errors.

If you have problems/questions please let me know, otherwise I hope this helps you all out.

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  • Hi, I was very interested in what seemed to be an ideal extension.  I have installed both the Powertoys, but the 2 icons are greyed out and do not do the sorting when clicked.  Any ideas, tried 4 re-installations but no joy. Mike

  • Seems that you can't have the page and sections sorters installed at the same time.  I installed the sections one first and worked fine.  When I tried the pages, it just does not show up in my plug-in list.  A co-worker did the same in the opposite order.  He got the same results.

    I'm running Vista with UAC disabled, installed for 'all users'.  

    Anyone else get both of them to work at the same time?

  • A few astute readers pointed out I (intentionally) missed a few addins the OneNote team finished last

  • Is it possible to sort notebooks with 1,2,3 rather than 1, 10, 11 ?

  • If you don't know I am a HUGE OneNote fan and have converted countless people from using Notepad

  • Thanks! This is invaluable and saved me a lot of dragging and dropping!

  • Been using it for months...however just clicked 'sort by sections' and it did something it had never done before. Basically I put sections under the "section organizers?" (my app no longer I can't see what they are called, and I can't remember the proper name)

    Anyway... I've run the sort feature before, with no problems.  But THIS time... it took the sections out of the all of the 'organizers" and put them in the root.. AND... It no longer runs... It comes up, but stays in the 'not responding' state...for an hour at least.  

    Any ideas on how to not lose my stuff...other than restoring from 1 week old backup... would be appreciated.

  • Daniel,

    GREAT tool, I think this is one the best I've found so far.  I have found that if you have too many layers of "section groups" the tool will sometimes sort as expected, other wise it places them in the top level of the notebook.  So I'm not sure if this a OneNote problem or a problem with the sections sort powertoy.

    Keep up the good work.

    Kevin Sholder

  • be careful, if you have groups of sections, you will lose them and pages will move to other sections ! This mixes pages in the sections !


  • Can anyone give me advice or instruction on how to alphabetize long lists on a page?

  • Hey--a point of caution about this...I have sections and a section group as part of a bigger section group...this yanks all of my sections from the sub-section group and sorted them all together with the sections of the primary section group.  It was a mess...good tool, but be aware of this.

  • I installed OneNote 2007 Sort Section Zip but there is no sort button. Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0  was installed.

    Please help

  • I installed OneNote 2007 Sort Section Zip but there is no sort button. Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0  was installed.

    Please help

    My email:

  • Does this program work under 64 bit enviroment?

  • Hi, Thank you for this useful tool!

    I was just wondering how to get rid of the "deleted pages" section that gets created each time I use it. One note won't let me delete the section.

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