Sort Sections powertoy

Sort Sections powertoy

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How could we have guessed that people had so many sections that they would want to organize them with just a click of a button? With that being said I finally finished up my sort sections powertoy. Pretty much I took the same code for the sort pages and changed it to work for sections, it was pretty easy. I had a harder time with Visual Studio & getting my setup project to work correctly (oh and the icon that was a pain too).





  1. Make sure you have OneNote 2007 Installed & the Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0
  2. Download the file from here:
  3. Install
  4. Close and restart OneNote
  5. Click on the new button you have:


Now you are all set!

CAUTION: I didn't do any real testing other than a quick sanity tests, buyer beware! Oh and if you try it with a blank notebook you will just get a bunch of errors.

If you have problems/questions please let me know, otherwise I hope this helps you all out.

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  • I have installed the Section Sort several times and have not been able to get it to work.  After clicking on the sort button, it just greys out without doing the sort.  I have also checked to make sure that I have the latest updates of Microsoft.

  • I can not download the it goes over whispnet and won't download.  Can you please send me another link or the file to



  • 2nd request:

    I tried to download the link but it won't let me.  I really need this file with the link below:

    please email me the link to

  • Daniel, I'm unable to download the file (Firefox can't find the server at

    I'm using OneNote 2007 (Windows 7).

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