April blog round-up for OneNote

April blog round-up for OneNote

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I can't believe that it is May already‽ I hope that everyone has been having a pleasant spring; I often look at the weather back east and I can't believe how warm and spring like it has been compared to Seattle which hasn't had the warmest of days (however yesterday & today have been great!). Well I just wanted to post the last month's blog posts that were collected by Mike Tholfsen the OneNote Test Manager:

  1. The Greatest Invention in Human History?  I vote for Microsoft OneNote
  2.  Getting Things Done: Using OneNote Exclusively - GTD is the Organizational system of "Getting Things Done" by David Allen.  It's all the craze these days, a bit like Steven Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  Similar to the "Take Back Your Life" program
    1. Set up
    2. Organize
    3. Processing
    4. Collection
    5. Screen Shots:
    6. Deferred Items
    7. GTD with OneNote: emails and Outlook
    8. GTD with OneNote: Out and About
  3.  I need Office OneNote 2007 to live.
  4.  Onenote to Wordpress - Publishing my e-Lab-book
  5.  Have I told you lately, that I love OneNote 2007?
  6.  I use a program called OneNote 2007 (a rare writer's gem from Microsoft) which is fantastic.
  7.  OneNote is the top note-taking and organizing software available to college students; I've used it for 3 years now and I can't imagine how I would've lived without it.
  8.  Great Tool for Managing Personal Projects
  9.  OneNote takes the clutter on your desk and puts it on your computer
  10.  Why i love Microsoft OneNote
  11.  The improvements over OneNote 2003 are significant and provide a much more organized interface to store your notes
  12.  OneNote: My Favorite Time Saving Tech Tool
  13.  the machine comes with Microsoft's OneNote, it makes the tablet ROCK!
  14.  Keeping Notes - Onenote and Evernote for Realtors


Thanks a bunch Mike! You rock and thanks to everyone else for giving us feedback that we all read and take the time to comment on; it is great to have a strong user community like you all!

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  • I would have thought one of my OneNote blog posts would have made the list this month. Disappointed that it didn't....

  • What an exciting three months OneNote 2007 has had out in the marketplace. By every measure OneNote 2007

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