OneNote Search and Replace

OneNote Search and Replace

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It is Friday evening after a nice long busy week and I got permission to release another powertoy!  This powertoy is the OneNote Search and Replace feature so please check it out.  I know a few people have asked for this on the newsgroup as well as via the comments section.  Perfect for when code names change (think Longhorn-->Vista).  This powertoy was written by an superstar OneNote developer so a big round of applause for Jeffrey; thank you much for coding this and letting me release this.

How it works

  1. Download the application from here:
  2. Extract the application and run the setup.exe
  3. You will now have a new toolbar button in OneNote which looks like this:
  4. Click the button and you will see a window like this:
  5. Now you can choose your search terms and what scope.
  6. Click Preview and Replace to try it out!

Remember all powertoys available from this blog are AS IS and are not supported by Microsoft. 

Please use at your own risk, but please do enjoy!  Have a great weekend all!

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  • See my previous comment.  If I uninstall Onenote Search and Replace, this problem goes away.

  • I have windows7 onenote 2010 x64 i installed it but i could not see it, any new updates?

  • Could anyone pleas update this Add in to version 2010 ?

    This addon is not working with my OneNote 2010.

  • I'd love to see it for 2010 as well. It installs fine but I can't find the icon afterwards.

  • hey isn't Microsoft big? Follow up on onenote questions should be a high priority, no? I'd love to see this and a few others updated.

  • I just thought I'd update the thread here..

    I can confirm previous postings that this PowerToy *DOES NOT WORK* in OneNote 2010 x64 on Windows 7 Ultimate SP1. As previously reported, when the "Replace" button is clicked, the listed preview items are cleared from the window, but no replacements are actually performed within the OneNote document.

    I share the disappointment others have expressed here. This is a pretty disgraceful situation for the OneNote team. It's now been over FOUR YEARS since Daniel posted this PowerToy for OneNote 2007, the previous version.

    Since there haven't been any updates posted, nor any comments from Daniel or other OneNote team members, I guess we have to assume the Search & Replace add-in is now at least unofficially orphaned if not actually dead.

    For what it's worth, here are some reasonable guesses at the obvious :

    1) MS is obviously aware that OneNote lacks native Search & Replace (S&R) functionality.

    2) MS is obviously aware that S&R a highly requested feature in document-creation programs, which is why all other Office programs have S&R built-in.

    3) In fact, I would venture to guess that OneNote is the only text-related, document-creation program of any kind that MS publishes which does not have S&R. Even humble Notepad.exe has "Replace"!

    4) It seems obvious, given the above, that MS product managers must have consciously chosen to exclude S&R from OneNote's native feature set.

    5) Managers are paid, among other reasons, to evaluate options on a cost-benefit basis. So we can ask, what benefit does MS gets by excluding the much-desired, near-universal S&R feature from OneNote..?

    6) One obvious benefit could be that Office users are forced to "choose" to edit their notes in a different application. People like me, who own the entire Office suite, can obviously copy & paste the OneNote page to MS Word & then perform S&R there.

    7) Why is this a benefit for MS? One obvious possibility is that users are forced into "remembering" that MS Word is the flagship MS text-editing document. If OneNote users were never forced out of the program in order to get "advanced" text-editing features like S&R, it might be imagined that MS Word could come to be perceived by many OneNote users as an old-fashioned or no-longer-necessary application.

    8) Without knowing the sales volumes & trends for MS Word vs. OneNote vs. external competitors, it's hard to dig any deeper into the likely cost-benefit analysis that MS managers are doing.  

    9) It would be amusing but sad if this S&R issue were simply the result of a turf war between the OneNote managers ("We want to provide native S&R!") vs. Word managers ("No way in hell you're going to provide it!")

    Thoughtful comments appreciated..

  • Thanks Daniel,  Wonder who was asleep at the wheel when microsoft let onenote out the door without this most basic feature!  Arrrrrggggghhhhh!!!!!!

  • how do i uninstall this add in?  It doesn't work.

  • Agree with comments - very strange not to include something as basic as S&R - I want it because when I paste in a long column of text from somewhere else I'd like to remove the paragraph breaks so I have 'normal' across the page text rather than one narrow column.

  • What regular expressions and something with a little more power for this power toy.

  • It finds everything, but then when I click Replace nothing actually happpens.

  • This toy dose not seem for OneNote 2010.  It does nothing.

    Uninstallation can be done by running setup.exe again.

    You should choose "Remove ..." instead of "Repairt ..." when executing setup.exe again.

    FYI: Win7 64bit, OneNote 2010 included in Office 2010 64bit


  • Would be great to have a 2010 version :-)

  • Before updating this PowerToy for OneNote 2010, how about rehosting it for 2007? The download link is dead and online searches/archives only point here.  If someone has an archived copy I'd appreciate it!

  • Even OneNote 2013 doesn't have it.  The help tells you to do a search, but then manually select each found instance and paste your replacement text.  Really?!! I can't believe they would even document that.  Sad. Time to move to Apple and use Evernote.

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