Send to OneNote 2007, why it isn't there in 64-bit (x64)

Send to OneNote 2007, why it isn't there in 64-bit (x64)

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I am hoping that the search engines will pick up this string for Send to OneNote 64bit, OneNote print driver x86, 64-bit OneNote Print to OneNote.  I got the following email from someone:

I happened across your OneNote blog and thought you might be a good person to contact.  I’ve discovered that you don’t get the “Print to OneNote” feature on 64-bit Vista…  I did some web searching to try to find out more information, but mostly just found a bunch of annoyed users…

Do you know if this issue is going to be fixed anytime soon? 

Well first of all the Send to OneNote 2007 print driver is currently not available on any of the 64-bit OSes.  You can read about it in this KB article: The Microsoft Office Document Image Writer printer driver in Word 2007 and in OneNote 2007 is not installed on a computer that is running a 64-bit operating system.  Pretty much the Microsoft Office Document Imaging tools are not available on 64-bit and therefore the Send to OneNote print driver isn't available.

As for the second part of the question, the more important issue.  We are fully aware of the issue and we are looking to address this in a future release.  Note: anything I mention on here can changed so just note that caveat, no promises.  In the meantime if you really need this feature it is recommended that you run x86 and sorry for the inconvenience.

Update on 2008-04-23: David wrote more about this here: OneNote 64 bit print driver.  Short story is that we will not have an update for OneNote 2007 to support the 64bit print driver and we are working on a solution for the next release of OneNote.  More details after the fold: OneNote 64 bit print driver.

Update on 2009-05-05: David seems to have fixed this, detail here: OneNote Print Driver – A 64 Bit Solution, check it out!

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  • Yes, you read that right. If you are running a 64-bit versions of Windows XP or Vista, you are missing

  • What can I say?? Of course I understand that other companies are slow in releasing 64 bit drivers... but hello! this is the same company that offers us a 64bit OS and OneNote, so basically the app should behave same on every platform? But nope it does not...

    By the way, suggesting x86 in order to use Onenote is a joke, too... I want to install an application, not reinstall my whole system just to use a single feature!

    I guess this kind of issue is the reason why users switch to other OSes...

    Really disappointed.

  • Off topic but kinda related.

    Running OneNote print driver x86 and therefore no problems with Send To OneNote function.

    But why oh will IE not send web pages via the OneNote Import Printer Driver to OneNote 2007. Frustrating to the point I've now gone back (again)to Firefox which has no problem with this task.

    Life before the wonderful OneNote is difficult to imagine but this occasional incompatibility between MS core products is really annoying.


    What would really complete my total admiration for OneNote would be a MS/OneNote version of a little gizmo called digiscibble which allows the capture of note taking from ordinary pen and paper. Ideal when you want to jot something down without opening up the pc - to be able to sync this with OneNote would be a dream come true.

    Send To OneNote 2007 and IE

  • Daniel's brilliant idea to install yesterday's software technology to solve this problem is right in line with Microsoft's Help & Support KB which states "This issue occurs by design because the Microsoft Office Document Image Writer printer driver is not installed on a computer that is running a 64-bit operating system."

    Jeez! Is this lame or what? In its psycho-babble, MS has a new tenet 'failing to design is designing to fail.'

    Why not assign one of the 80,000 MS employees to this task?

  • /signed

    Another unhappy user, but still a loyal MS user.

    There are two issues that are unfortunate and cause a great deal of frustration to users such as myself.

    1) Incompatibility within a vendor's own software products.

    I am (as most of us are) conditioned to understand that software development is not perfect and that bugs require cycles and priorities. However, as a customer I am discouraged that we must settle with disconnects to this degree within a company's own products line.

    2) Communication!

    I recently upgraded my OS from Vista x86 to Vista x64. I believe the largest failure is in communication. A comprehensive list of all the bugs involving MS's x64 OS and their other software products would have been nice.

    Ideally, a tool by which I could enter my MS OS (or prospect OS) and a list of the most important MS products for my usage. After I enter the OS and the other software products the tool shall display a list of known bugs.

    Based on these bugs, I could make an educated decision as to whether or not it would be beneficial for me to continue. This tool could be very similiar to the hardware compatibility tool used by Windows when upgrading.

    I tool of this nature could save users such as myself a considerable amount of frustration, time, and money. Clearly there are cons to a tool of this nature, but I would hope the pros outweight the cons.

    If this information is readily available then I apologize for my ignorance and look forward to the references.

    Thanks for reading my rant and for this blog.

  • I thought Microsoft was taking 64 bit computing seriously. By Microsoft's own "Requirements for the Windows Vista Logo Program for Software" it appears OneNote is NOT "Certified for Windows Vista". I believe that the ability to "Print to OneNote" is part of OneNote's primary functionality. (I use print to OneNote, scanning, and typing as means of input - in that order)

    Here's the section of the requirements dealing with x64:

    1.2 Support x64 Versions of Windows Vista


    To maintain compatibility with x64 versions of Windows, it is necessary that:

    • Applications and their installers must not contain any 16-bit code or rely on any 16-bit component, since 16-bit code will not run on 64-bit versions of Windows Vista.  

    • If an application is dependent on kernel-mode drivers for operation, x64 versions of these drivers must be available.  The application setup must detect and install the proper drivers and components for the 64-bit Windows OS.

    WOW64 will allow 32-bit code to run on 64-bit versions of Windows, so it is not necessary that the application run natively on x64 versions of Windows.  


    Many Windows Vista users will be running x64 versions of the operating system, so it is crucial for applications to be compatible with this OS.

    Additional Information

    It is acceptable to remove some features from an application when it installs on an x64 version of Windows, as long as these features are not part of the application’s primary functionality.

  • What I am most curious about is that you mention that the problem will be addressed in a future release.  What kind of release will this be?  A service pack?  Office 2010?  I was hoping SP1 would have fixed this but alas no.  Come on.

  • This makes me want to scream.  What are Microsoft playing at.  This is a basic feature that has been omitted 'by design'.  Do you have any further new on when they plan to fix this?

  • This makes sense.  Since OneNote is one of those crappy side apps with a low user base, they'll put the 64-bit version in the back-burner.

  • Sound as a joke ... When do I have the driver for Vista 64 ?

  • Well, I'm at least glad I found this article so I can stop searching. I rely pretty heavily on this feature, so it's kind of bad that I have to use my other computer to print to the shared notebook, but I guess it's not the end of the world.

    I'll try to help get the word out.

  • Absolutely unacceptable! Why it is so hard to do a 64-bit driver???

  • I am perplexed with MS lack of response to this issue.  

    As a college student, I will say that I'm in a large group of OneNote users.  This, I believe, is perhaps one of the largest number of users by category.  

    Printing to OneNote has become one of the integral tools for my note-taking, research projects, planning and scheduling, etc.  

    Although there are ways to get around it, they are limited.  For example, a screen clipping is limited to the visible portion on the screen.  If a driver is nowhere to be found, perhaps tweaking other features would serve as a suitable solution.  

    There are other competitors dying to take OneNote customers away (Evernote, etc).  Don't fall asleep on this one, MS, you snooze, you loose!

  • I completely agree with Nela, ( last comment). This is absurd that Microsoft would not make a driver for onenote an integral part of their new 2007 office suite. I love the program and with professors giving notes in powerpoint and pdf its hard to just toss everything into one note. I understand that Adobe Acrobat has started supporting x86-64 now why is microsoft denying its own customers the same support. I was given a SPECIAL, discounted price for x64 when purchasing it through HP. Now I know why it was discounted, too many problems. It's a pity I either have to downgrade and not have my 4gb ram show up or stay here and suffer with the lack of support from a software vendor that doesn't even support its NEW products ( office 2007 and Vista 64)

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