How to fix missing printer icon

How to fix missing printer icon

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We have reports of the "Send To OneNote 2007" printer disappearing or stop working. We're looking into the causes and possible fixes. In the meantime, here are some fixes that have been shown to work. If you run into this problem and one of these steps fix it, please let us know (by leaving a comment below or email me directly). That will help us track down the cause(s).

  1. Open up the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel applet, and run Repair on the Office/OneNote install
  2. Disable the Send To OneNote IE add-on
    • Boot Ie and go to Tools | Manage Add-ons | Enable or Disable Add-ons
    • Find the entry for a "Send to OneNote" add-on. Click the radio button to disabled it
    • Restart IE as requested
    • Open up the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel applet, and run Repair on the Office/OneNote install
  3. Remove an conflicting print driver
    • Go to Control Panel - Printers
    • Identify the printer (sometimes a pdf printer) installed after OneNote.
    • Right click mouse and open properties.
    • Go to Ports tab and check the entries.
    • Check if the box next to "Send to Microsoft OneNote Port:" is ticked.
    • If ticked this appears to be the source of the conflict.
    • Delete the offending printer driver.
    • Perform a repair install of Office/OneNote.


I hope this works and also do this if you are comfortable messing with installations; this is a working theory and might not fix everyone's problems.  Thanks a bunch and I hope this post is useful to those people who are facing this problem and they search online for a solution.  Take care

Update on 2009-05-05: If you are seeing this and you are on Windows 64bit (x64) then you might want to read this: OneNote Print Driver – A 64 Bit Solution, check it out!

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  • Running the repair feature worked for me.

  • Running the repair feature worked for me also.

  • this worked - the offending printer driver was a quickbooks simple start pdf converter printer driver.  I deleted it and the One Note printer now works.

  • The third solution worked for me - again it was a Quickbooks PDF printer, I had Quickbooks installed before OneNote but I believe it may have been an update that Quickbooks did.

  • The above has not worked for me, I am running Vista Ultimate x64 and I believe it was due to installing Vista SP1, though I can't be 100% positive that it is the culprit.

  • It work by removing old printers from My Printers and then turning on and connecting the current printer.

  • My "Send To OneNote 2007" printer disappeared today. I'm not sure what caused it to disappear but running the Repair of OneNote fixed the problem on XP SP2.

  • Running the repair feature worked for me, thanks for the info.

  • This fix worked for me.  There was no conflicting print driver. I checked properties of all my printers and they looked fine, so I essentially ran the repair on the Office/OneNote install twice in a row and it worked!  Thank you!

  • I found that I had several conflicting "Send To" programs that were installed after I installed OneNote. First, I installed Family Treemaker, a Genealogy Program, that I needed to delete. Then I had an update to QuickBooks that actually took over the port. When both print drivers were deleted, and I ran a repair to Office/OneNote, the OneNote Send To print driver returned and now all is working.

  • I printed and followed Daniel Escapa's instructions, except my husband

    spoke to me at the wrong time and I deleted the XPS Printer before I

    went to the ports tab.  I ran regedit and deleted every mention of the

    XPS Document Printer wherever it occurred in the Registry.  Ran

    OneNote Repair (a total of 3 times) and rebooted each time.

    But, none of these steps re-established the Send to OneNote

    capability.  I then worked through Patrick Schmid's procedure.  I

    added a Send to Microsoft OneNote port, selected the default printer

    (which I assumed had been done at installation), Named the Printer as

    specified, did not share or print test page.  BUT when I got to

    Advanced tab under Printer Properties, there was no Send to Microsoft

    OneNote Driver.  SP1 must have overwritten the printer driver!  Is it

    possible for me to copy this driver (file name needed) from my

    installation CD?

    Oviously, without the printer driver installed, I still can't send

    anything to OneNote and am totally dead in the water.  To say that I'm

    horrified is the understatement of the week.  I saw nothing under

    "Known Issues" on this SP to indicate such dire consequences.  I don't

    think I'll ever apply another patch to this program . . . . if I ever

    get it running again.  From reading, it appears that even uninstalling

    and re-installing doesn't fix this problem which has rendered the

    program completely unusable for me.

  • Hi:

    I had that problem and I fixed with your recommendation:

    1. Open up the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel applet, and run Repair on the Office/OneNote install.

    It worked very well, congratulations and thanks.


  • Didn't work for me.  

    All I have is "Fax" and Microsoft XPS Document Writer".

    Windows Vista Ultimate 64 (no SP1)

  • OK... 64-bit Printer Driver DOES NOT EXIST!

    I wish I found this info before I wasted my time with this fix.

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