A workaround for no x64 SendToOneNote Print Driver

A workaround for no x64 SendToOneNote Print Driver

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I just got this from Bruce on the OneNote Test team:

It's not optimal, but it does work. I use it here at Microsoft on my Vista x64 machine.

  1. Install one of the many converter programs that will allow you to output images files when you “Print”. For example, I’ve played with http://www.print-driver.com/howto/msn_pdf_to_jpg.html 
  2. Open your file in the native application (ie Adobe Reader, PowerPoint, etc)
  3. Print to the new printer, outputting to TIFF (multipage color)(the defaults for the example program above work just fine)
  4. Boot OneNote
  5. Insert | Picture and choose the TIFF image file

Done! You can now take notes over your inserted images. I should note that we won’t OCR the images (it uses the same print driver that doesn’t install under x64), so you won’t be able to search for words in the images or copy–and-paste their content. You will be able to take notes over them, view them, and so on.


As David wrote we are aware of this problem and there will be no fix for OneNote 2007 and we plan to address this in the next version of OneNote.  I just wanted to share this with everyone!

Update on 2009-05-05: David seems to have fixed this, detail here: OneNote Print Driver – A 64 Bit Solution, check it out!

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  • The UDC doesnt have x64 support. When I download the setup file, it wont install.

  • Yeah, same for me... the installer won't run... it needs it's own x64 workaround...

  • If you have Adobe Acrobat, there is a built-in export feature that one can use to save a document as various formats (inc. TIFF). Or, you can snapshot a part of a PDF document and save it as a picture in a program as simple as Paint.

  • Found a way to fully restore the "Send To OneNote" functionality. It involves installing a program called Zan Image Printer.

    See http://blog.nils-kaiser.de/?p=5



  • I really think your team should seriously consider release either a patch or a standalone upgrade to OneNote for this problem.  Many people (like me) purchased OneNote specifically for this functionality - the direct importing of other documents, like PDF and powerpoint, with annotation AND search capability.  This is, after all, (ostensibly) is OneNote's core competency.  I was not happy when I installed.  64-bit is not new technology, and this really shouldn't be an issue.

    I can say (and I think I'm joined by many in this situation) that if a new version is released, and I'm required to pay anything significant at all to upgrade my Office 2007 and/or OneNote just to get this capability, I'll simply spend that money on another product which I believe will have better support (meaning they don't wait a year or TWO to issue an omnibus release to address core deficiencies).

  • I am having the same problem and fully echo the same comments as Erik.  

    This is not my first compatibility problem with Vista.  I am really starting to have my fill of these issues.  It is obvious Microsoft is having a cultural failure of delivering quality products.

  • I got my first 64-bit computer in '06. Athlon 64s were new and I had to use the latest linux operating system. 2 years later, I bought a new computer and this time spent money moving away from linux to vista and away from open office to Microsoft office.

    This is not acceptable. I paid for Microsoft office entirely for OneNote. Everything else I can get open source for free. I am not happy with the general level of unavailability of 64-bit programs in the Microsoft world. The linux guys had this kind of stuff 2 years ago.

  • You have got to be f***ing kidding me!  Erik is absolutely right!  What kind of company compromises their customers loyalty by making key fetures like PRINT TO ONENOTE unavailable to users who purchase new products?  I can't believe that the response to "where is the print to onenote function?" is oh it was just too much work to fix.  We new it was a problem but we were hoping you wouldn't notice.  I am SO glad I bought this computer from Costco with their 90 day return policy.  One day and I have already run into the customer service and poor business practices that everyone warned me about.  I am taking this headache back and going to buy a Mac.  Everyone told me to do it in the first place, and now I wish I would have listened.  Anyone who reads this before getting a new computer PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE buy a MAC...tons of my medical school classmates have Apple MacBooks and love them.  I can't wait to join the revolution.  Microsoft is embarassing themselves.

  • I too agree completely, this is BS, buy the newest products and expect at a minumum the same features and performance, I too need the print to onenotes and my new computer with Vista 63 and Office 2007 Ultima and what do I get a downgrade not an upgrade!!!  BS!! yes maybe mac is the wat to go!!

  • I agree... this is bull.  I thought I was upgrading by getting a new laptop, but the only thing I am upgrading is my headache and stress levels because NOTHING is working with VISTA 64!!!  I PAID to get one note 2007 when I had the previous version - so I could have the OCR recogition and printing version.  NOW your telling me I will have to UPGRADE again just to be able to USE it.  I should have joined the MAC revolution also... M$ sucks with its GREEDY practices!!!!

  • Download pdfcreator and send your documents to a PDF file. It’s FREE, I use it on my 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems.

    http://sourceforge.net/projects/pdfcreator/  Sadly, it does not support printing DRM PDF files like One Note.

  • I think that we digress the discussion. I am looking for solution not complaining.

  • I don't care if the issue digresses from trying to find a solution.  I bought a new hp tablet pc.  However one note doesn't work, which is completely unacceptable.  The reason why is because there are very few solutions that are cheap.  Ususally "solution" software puts a big watermark forcing one to pay about $70 to get the fix.  Why should I have to pay for a solution that is not my fault?  I am assuming that Microsoft has known about this problem for a while, because from what I have read, people that have any windows x64 based operating system cannot run microsoft one note 2003 or 2007 edition.  It doesn't matter if it was windows xp or vista because both don't work.  It also is really unfortunate because my copy of windows vista x32 disk stopped workin and all I have is the x64.  Also I have tried looking everywhere for a replacement disk without having to by a licence.  If you as me it is a big rip off, because if it is possible for a third party company to give a solution, then Microsoft should be able to make a work arround.  Talk about the biggest rip off.

  • This makes me sad :(

    I bought a laptop, bought 4gb of RAM and decided to take a chance and run Vista. I chose x64 so I could make use of all the RAM, and Print to OneNote is not even supported? I am very disappointed by the decision to not support Vista x64 fully in OneNote.

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