Blog round-up for April/May 2008

Blog round-up for April/May 2008

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Wow it is amazing how many people are talking about OneNote, thanks for the comments/suggestions/feedback/etc.  Thanks Mike!

Love and Affection

Don't Dig MS, But Dig OneNote

Personas and Scenarios




Car Racing


Room for Improvement

  • I would like to request three features for future releases of OneNote:
    • It would help to be able to select and copy specific text within an image rather than being forced to copy all of the text on a page.
    • The program badly needs a find/replace function;
    • Along the same lines, a batch-hyperlinking command would be very useful to enable the user to associate a specific URL with each instance of (or selected instances of) a search term without having to manually find each term and hyperlink it; and


Snap for Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 (JeffCar): The Microsoft Dynamics Snap for Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 integrates the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system with the note-taking capabilities of OneNote 2007. In today’s business world, collecting customer information is essential to building customer relationships and a sales pipeline. CRM2OneNote provides sales representatives with a streamlined process for capturing, storing, and finding relevant customer notes which can contain images, audio recordings, embedded files, and other rich information.

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