May, 2010

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    Office Casual: OneNote - An all too brief introduction


    Just a bit of a cross-post: OneNote has plenty of new features for Office 2010, but in this short video, Doug Thomas from Office Casual gives a simple overview of this program for gathering and sharing ideas; a scrapbook for your computer.

    Get Microsoft Silverlight

    Thanks Doug!

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    Royal Society of Chemistry Teamwork in Innovation Award for 2010


    Looks like the Royal Society of Chemistry has an annual award for Teamwork in Innovation and this year in 2010 they awarded it to Pfizer for their shared notebook solution using OneNote 2010!

    Details here: RSC Teamwork in Innovation 2010 Winners - Pfizer Global R&D Team

    RSC Teamwork in Innovation 2010 Winners

    Pfizer Global R&D Team

    Pfizer Global R&D Team

    Pfizer UK

    For developing e-notebook technology into a seamless, efficient and easy-to-use format for sharing

    About the winners

    Pfizer is the world's largest pharmaceutical company employing 80,000 people across the globe in the research, development, manufacture and sales of drugs for humans and animals. Every year Pfizer helps over 150 million people throughout the world live longer, healthier lives.  The research site in Sandwich, Kent supports more than 2,700 scientists developing medicines to treat and cure infectious diseases, allergy and respiratory ailments and pain.

    New drugs can only be discovered by combining the talents of a wide number of diverse individuals across a range of disciplines from synthetic, medicinal and computational chemists to biologists, drug metabolists and clinical pharmacologists.  Successful drug discovery requires the efficient transfer of knowledge between all these team members.   Chris Barber, Ben Gardner and Nuzrul Haque developed a new infrastructure that provided teams with an open, flexible, easy-to-use and collaborative workspace that gives greater access to information without significant barriers to publishing.  This innovative combination of two commercial products (SharePoint® and OneNote®) allows teams to share an electronic 'project notebook' with the convenience of drag-and-drop publishing and intuitive searching across documents, text, hyperlinks or graphics. This solution has enabled project teams to move seamlessly to working in a collaborative fashion resulting in increased team engagement and cohesion. In addition teams are aggregating not just the data/information they are using but also the context, rational and decisions they are making on it. As a result share e-notebooks have not only revolutionised team collaboration at Pfizer, but are also saving time, improving decision making, reducing email traffic, eliminating information silos and being demanded by users of all technical abilities.

    It is cool to see the folks at Pfizer being awarded this after all the hard work that Nuzrul, Ben & Chris have put into getting this solution working.  It is also rewarding to see OneNote helping fight diseases and illness.  Congrats!
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    Ben Schorr’s OneNote Tips (


    I wanted to pass on a note about Ben Schorr’s OneNote Tips website:

    Ben is a long-time OneNote MVP and an overall awesome guy who is great to have as part of our community.  You might have seen him answering questions on the OneNote Answers site or on the old newsgroups.  Well it looks like he is now doing his own website of OneNote tips, this week’s tip is about the new file format that is in OneNote 2010:

    Thanks Ben!

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    Live Sharing Sessions in OneNote 2010 and long live shared notebooks


    Some of you have commented on the fact that in the new version of OneNote 2010the Live Sharing Session feature has been removed from the product.  First of all we understood this was an important feature for customers however the underlying technology it was built on is no longer supported by Windows and didn’t scale well with modern operating systems, we had to remove it.  We also knew of a lot of problems people had with the feature and it didn’t work behind firewalls or certain network configurations.  Since the underlying technology was going away we knew we had to do something new in OneNote 2010 and we also understood for select customers the live sharing sessions feature was important.

    What we did in OneNote 2010 was to make share notebooks ‘go to light speed’ and start syncing quickly when other people are also editing the same page.  This means that when you are in a shared notebook we are always syncing your edits and once we see someone else editing we start syncing in real-time.  We will kick up our sync interval to sync very often and make sure the current page is getting synced in nearly real-time.  It is pretty cool to see this in action where people can be writing notes together and we just handle everything.  Once the other author stops editing we turn our sync interval back to the normal time period and keep a lookout for other people’s edits and then we can move into real-time again if we need to.  Shared notebooks also have the advantage of being in the same place where your team shares content, you don’t need to send some weird IP address or config file to people, they already have the notebook open.

    To get this working you need to put your notebook up on SharePoint 2010 and have your notebook be in the 2010 format and just start editing.  Or have your notebook on Windows Live SkyDrive (coming soon as of the posting date).

    This is clearly better because people no longer need to go into a special mode to get real-time to sync, now whatever notebooks you have will allow you to edit & collaborate in real-time.  Many other customers were asking for shared notebooks to sync faster so we thought this was the best solution for our customers.  Thanks for your patience and if you have comments for the team please put them below.

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    Gary and talking about the magic of OneNote


    Here is another Backstage with Office 2010 video showing Gary from the OneNote team:

    I love it Smile

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    Linked Note Taking & Linked Note Taking extension for Firefox


    One of the new features added in OneNote 2010 is the linked note taking.  This is a great way to take notes and have OneNote automatically link back what you were viewing while writing those notes.  You can read about it here:

    Out of the box OneNote will link notes to Word, PowerPoint and Internet Explorer.  However like many of you I use a bunch of different browsers and I wanted to point you to a Firefox extension which allows you to have linked notes to OneNote 2010.  You can read about it here: Linked Note Taking extension for Firefox (direct .zip download).

    A big thanks goes to Mao Chen!

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    OneNote 2010 poster - Your genius comes in many forms


    I was walking around yesterday and I saw this poster on the wall  which was in purple like the OneNote colours and it made me wonder what it was.  I realized that someone created these cool posters for the Office 2010 apps and this is the one for OneNote:


    I even found the PDF for this so you can print your own version Smile   OneNote 2010 Poster (PDF)

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    Making of OneNote videos by people on the team


    I wanted to share some new videos which are up on the website.  These are real people on the teams who make OneNote & the OneNote App, so you can even spy in some of our offices and hallways.  I always love knowing there are real people behind the product that I love and use.  Without further ado I wanted to present:

    Priya talking about having OneNote in the browser and the desktop:


    Alex talking about linked note taking in OneNote:


    Franklin talking about multi-user authoring in the OneNote Web App:

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    OneNote notebooks on Windows Live SkyDrive - coming soon


    I am sure for those of you who are running OneNote 2010, even the RTM version (lucky MSDN folks), when you go to the Backstage you are pretty disappointed by this screen:


    I have seen a bunch of questions on the newsgroup/forums where people are asking why this is still unavailable and when it will be available.

    Well I just wanted to let you know that you will be able to store your notebooks in Windows Live SkyDrive once Windows Live Wave 4 is live. Recently there have been some great blog posts talking about the amazing work they are doing in Wave 4 and they are saying that it will be coming soon:

    In the meantime for people in the United States & Japan you can get into the Office Web Apps Technical preview by going here:  OneNote isn't working in the technical preview right now but it should be online soon.

    So in the meantime thank you for your patience and can't wait to see what you all think.

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