OneNote Mobile for iPhone - RE: "Login failed, error: 400" Error

OneNote Mobile for iPhone - RE: "Login failed, error: 400" Error

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First of all thank you very much for your interest in OneNote Mobile for the iPhone, there has been a tremendous response thus far.

We have received reports from customers who are hitting an error on initial login, with the following message: "Login failed, error: 400".


The team has been investigating the issue and believe we have identified the cause. We are working on an update. However the underlying cause is an intermittent issue, due to overwhelming interest in the app. The workaround is to keep trying to sign in, once you get past this error then OneNote will sync without any problem.

Thank you for your patience and interest in OneNote, we all apologize for the inconvenience.

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  • I sure hope so. I've been trying to get this to work for an hour. No luck. I hope Apple approves the update ASAP.

  • PLEASE don't require iOS 4.2 ...does 4.1 really not work? There are TONS of us who would to use this app, but we're not on version 4.2 yet.

  • Hi Daniel, is there a way we can have OneNote update released to the UK/AUS App store as well.  There are tons of Brits and Aussies, who would love to get the app, and provide valuable feedback to the teams.

  • Thanks for the information.  I did finally get it to work.  Nice app!

  • Is this a US-only release? I cannot find it in the AppStore.

  • Ya, I can't upgrade to 4.2 yet... is there really valid reason to restrict it to 4.2 ?

  • any way to "check off" only specific notebooks to sync with iPhone? no use wasting device space with notebooks that can't display properly (i.e., with tables, ink, etc) on the mobile device

  • Logging in ok, but getting Loading list of notebooks failed (400) :(

  • I downloaded this App to my iPad and after it finished the installation i tried to run it. But it won't start. It starts to load and then return to the springboard. Is this App iPad compatible?

  • I think the avalanche of interest in this app is proof that you need to push out more Office Apps for the iPhone and Android for that matter.

  • Receiving the same error here, have confidence you'll get it fixed and looking forward to giving an operational app a shot. The bigger question if it requires an app update... how long before Apple approves that? ;)

  • @all - The only work around is to just keep retrying.  Sorry for the trouble.

    @xxdesmus & Jimmy - We need to require this because Apple said we did for newly submitted apps to the app store.  Sorry for the trouble.

    @Andrew & Eric - We are looking at other markets for future releases but nothing else other than US App Store right now.

    @Maurice - It does work on the iPad, is your iPad jailbroken?  We have only heard of reports of crashes on jailbroken devices.  My non-jb iPad works without any issue.  Any details?

  • Why won't this work with OneNote 2007?

  • It still doesn't work. I've tried abt hundred times. pls help me.

  • Hi - I was able to log in successfully, but then I get the following error when trying to "sync now" via settings: "Loading list of notebooks failed. (405)"  I have an iPhone with the latest software and I am using OneNote 2010.  Thanks for your help.

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