OneNote Mobile for iPhone - RE: "Login failed, error: 400" Error

OneNote Mobile for iPhone - RE: "Login failed, error: 400" Error

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First of all thank you very much for your interest in OneNote Mobile for the iPhone, there has been a tremendous response thus far.

We have received reports from customers who are hitting an error on initial login, with the following message: "Login failed, error: 400".


The team has been investigating the issue and believe we have identified the cause. We are working on an update. However the underlying cause is an intermittent issue, due to overwhelming interest in the app. The workaround is to keep trying to sign in, once you get past this error then OneNote will sync without any problem.

Thank you for your patience and interest in OneNote, we all apologize for the inconvenience.

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  • After upgrading Skydrive to 50GB Webspace i receive the Error 400 if i want to login with Onenote App on iOS Devices.

    Before that (and with some Freeacounts) everthing worked and works.

  • really?  I have been reading these posts thinking these are current, but much to my surprise, they are 2 years old, and you still have not fixed the problem!!!!  I get the "We were unable to sign you in

    There is a problem with your Microsoft account. To fix this, sign in to from a browser."  BUT there is nothing wrong with my account, just your app!  unbelievable!

  • I get error 80630152, can not complete this task it says. I pay for office 365. Arge....:(

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