Office Casual: How to use OneNote on the go

Office Casual: How to use OneNote on the go

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I wanted to point out a new video that Doug posted showing OneNote on the go:

Thanks Doug!

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  • That's great, unless you have an android phone.  And its not like there are only a few of us.

  • It's also useless to the 5.8billion people living outside the US... International launch please?

  • You're welcome. Funny I keep making OneNote videos. Probably because I use it so much. ;-)


  • And if you live outside the US and have a Blackberry you're left with the worst of both worlds.

  • Step One: be an American. Come on, Microsoft. You're a global company, not some kid in his mom's basement hacking out apps on his sister's MacBook. When you release a product, release it to all your customers.

  • The WP7 onenote experiece is awesome, I use it for everything.  What I really want now is a onenote control that I can embed in my silverlight/wpf apps.

  • Hi, can´t wait until it is available in the german ITunes store.

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