OneNote 2013 Preview is now available

OneNote 2013 Preview is now available

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OneNote 2013 was announced earlier today as part of the Office Customer Preview , and we're really excited to show you what the team has been working on for the last two years. Over the next few weeks, Engineering OneNote will explore each of the changes we've made in detail, but for now you can check out What's New in OneNote 2013

Try OneNote 2013 today

We'd love to hear what you think of the new OneNote, so please let us know in the comments below. 

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  • I would love to see a full "bloggin" support in OneNote, to the extent available in Windows Live Writer. Current support (blogging via Word) loses with WLW in every possible way.

  • OneNote 2013 like 2007 and 2010 does not seem to allow you to group objects.  When will this functionality be available?

  • Will it be possible to build apps/web extensions for Onenote, it doesn't seem to right now? That would be an incredible missed opportunity.

  • I would love to try out the new OneNote but am not interested in downloading the entire suite.  Not to be whiny but the "What's New" didn't seem to describe many new features.  There just wasn't enough depth to it.  Unless I missed something, "On Your Devices" doesn't say anything that the 2010 version does now - SharePoint and SkyDrive. "Search" doesn't sound any different either.

    I'm sure there's more new stuff, but that page doesn't offer much.  The embedding/linking live files looks cool, as does tables enhancements.  But we were hoping for more.

  • @Maciej, Doug: thanks for your feedback. We don't have anything new to announce regarding blog support or object grouping, but I will pass it on to the team.

    @Peter: You can  build native extensions for OneNote 2013 using COM, just like you could for 2010. We do not currently support web extensions in 2013.

    @Stew: Thanks for the feedback - stay tuned to this blog, we'll be exploring our new changes in more detail here.

  • I use One Note religiously but some sort of grouping feature is definitely long overdue. Fixing misalignments is an annoying time waster when annotating or trying to add new content.

  • Here are my notes over the past few months on what I was hoping to find in OneNote 2013 and what I did find.

    • What improvements will Onenote 2013 have?

    • Picture editing tools

    ○ No image editing tools like in powerpoint or word.

    • Object grouping

    ○ No object grouping.

    • Will there be spreadsheet type functionality for tables?

    ○ A: Embedded Excel and Visio sheets! Can turn a table into an                excel sheet.

    § Can edit spreadsheet within OneNote?

    □ A: Editing will open the table in Excel.  Very seamless.

    • Better/Quicker Syncing (auto sync for any change) more like Google docs.

    ○ A: Faster syncing, still no real-time collaboration

    • It might be cool to be able to show webpages in OneNote (i.e. maps, google docs, etc.)

    ○ Nope, can't embed webpages.  Can only add URLs.

    • Better at selecting groups of ink, even if its placed over text.  Add shift select feature to add elements to selection.

    ○ A: No shift select yet… :(

    • Better copy/pasting of mixed objects (i.e. images and ink)

    ○ A: Yay! The copy/paste works now.

    • Regressions in ON2013

    • No pressure sensitivity disabling!  Makes my handwriting looks messy and takes up more screen space as well as more disk space.  Also makes ink stream feel fat.

  • @alphaOri: Thanks for your detailed notes on what you liked/didn't like in the 2013 preview - i'll pass this along to the rest of the team.

  • grouping objects! such a pain having to realign things all the time.  this has been a common complaint on message boards for a long time.  jope thenopportunity is not lost in 2013

  • Please, please, PLEASE add the ability to GROUP OBJECTS! It can be done in Word, Publisher, etc. and the lack of grouping in OneNote CRIPPLES the application. I can't tell you how many times I've taken screenshots, etc. and added arrows, etc. that I need to STAY TOGETHER! Why can't this OFTEN REQUESTED feature be included?

  • Another plea for GROUPING OBJECTS.

    I love the outlining feature in OneNote. It's expandable/collapsible, it's rearrangeable-- it's a student's best companion-- if only the markups on figures can be integrated in this system...


  • Please add the ability to group objects.

  • One more vote for grouping objects. I know it doesn't help to ask please... but - Please?

  • agree with alphaOri

    Steve, just discharge them all. What are they doing for 10 years?! and there still there no grouping...

  • Love One Note, but adding Group Objects is a big one.

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