Sending Feedback about OneNote 2013

Sending Feedback about OneNote 2013

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It's been a few days since the Customer Preview was released, and we'd like to thank all our users who downloaded and tried OneNote 2013. If you haven't downloaded the 2013 Preview already, you can get it here today.

We'd also like to ask you to to send us feedback about OneNote whenever you find something that you like, dislike or want. You can always post in the comments below, or use one of these alternatives:

Send a Smile

You can click on the smiley icon in the top right corner of OneNote 2013 to send feedback. If you're using the Windows 8 style app, swipe up from the bottom to get to the feedback button.

Send us smiles about features that you like or frowns about things that you don't like - our team looks at the feedback quite regularly, and it's super helpful to learn about what you find delightful or annoying.

Microsoft Answers

For more detailed questions or issues, reach us through the OneNote forum on Microsoft Answers. Some of our team members check the site regularly and help users with issues, as do many of our MVP's and helpful community members.

Known issues with OneNote 2013 Preview

We wanted to send a link to the known issues for Office 2013 Customer Preview, you can check there for known issues, but of course we look forward to your feedback!


Thank you again for installing the Customer Preview! Stay tuned to the blog, starting next week we will go in-depth into some of the new features that we've added.

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  • Generally very pleased but

    - sorry to see Autocorrect buried even further in the interface (I'm the 0.02% using it)

    - disappointed at the choice not to support notebooks on file shares in OneNote for Windows 8. I'm not sure I want my 2gb notebook on SkyDrive. Also no audio recording?

    - love the radial menu, would like this as an option in desktop OneNote (as that has the audio recording and file share support I need on my tablet)

  • Does it search the text in embedded files, or are those still hidden from the indexer?

    Will it handle relative paths in links to files?

    What does it do when a linked file gets moved? Can it find it based on the search index? Or is the link just broken and that's it.

    (I know, probably not the best forum for suggestions, but that's all the work I'm gonna put into it. Sorry.)

  • I can not input Chinese in the search box of Onenote 2013. No problem of inputing English. No problem of pasting Chinese either.

  • Even worse thing is that my Chinese notes get strange charater display after a while. I wish it could be encoding problem, but I couldn't find a place to change the encoding. I wish onenote didn't just distroy all my chinese notes.

  • @Feng: Thanks for reporting this. We're aware of this bug and are working to resolve the issue.

    Don't worry your notes are still there, we are just not rendering the Chinese characters correctly. For now, you can work around this by closing and restarting OneNote.

  • Styles shortcuts dont work in the preview only way to use them is to directly clic into the desired style which is actually a real problem for those who use this soft a lot...

  • I was hoping to see OLE for Word which would really be awesome.

  • Hi, I can't find  "send to onenote" feature within printers. How can I now link the email or pdf file to my notebook?

  • in ON 2013 preview, it seems a bug.

    the Zoom in/out only for current page, if you move to another page, the zoom level back to 100%.

    but in ON 2010, if you set zoom level to 150%, it is same for all pages, you don't need to set it for EVERY PAGE.

  • @ellison: Thanks for the report - this should be fixed up in the RTM version of Office

  • Onenote 2013 does not render ink in onenote 2010 notes correctly,

    The highlighters do not show up correctly in particular, and blocks the ink that is highlighted

  • Onenote 2013 on win 8 enterprise has a big bug, I cannot open "rest of the sections", even after removing office 2013 and reinstalling it.

  • @gfn: Sorry to hear you are having issues, could you provide more details about the issue? Specifically what steps you were taking when it occurred.

  • I'm generally a very pleased user of OneNote. Both the 2013 and the Windows 8 version.

    There is one thing that really annoys me, and it is probaly not so hard to fix.

    I keep all my OneNotebooks on my SkyDrive. For some reason OneNote defaults to put them in a folder named "Dokument". This is probably beacuse I use Swedish locale settings (but the UI is in US English)

    This becomes frustrating because I keep all of my documents oin the folder named "Documents" (the English spelling) and not in the "Dokument" (Swedish spelling) folder.

    Please let me choose on which folder I keep my OneNote notebooks.



  • I use OneNote 2013 for 2 weeks in classroom. I'm a french match teacher.

    I encounter problem when using some drawing stuff, so the soft shut down and restart couple of times. It's a big problem for me as I'm using it in front of 30 teenagers  ... Is it because of a 60 days trial version ? Beta version ?

    Thanks for your answers.


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