Sending Feedback about OneNote 2013

Sending Feedback about OneNote 2013

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It's been a few days since the Customer Preview was released, and we'd like to thank all our users who downloaded and tried OneNote 2013. If you haven't downloaded the 2013 Preview already, you can get it here today.

We'd also like to ask you to to send us feedback about OneNote whenever you find something that you like, dislike or want. You can always post in the comments below, or use one of these alternatives:

Send a Smile

You can click on the smiley icon in the top right corner of OneNote 2013 to send feedback. If you're using the Windows 8 style app, swipe up from the bottom to get to the feedback button.

Send us smiles about features that you like or frowns about things that you don't like - our team looks at the feedback quite regularly, and it's super helpful to learn about what you find delightful or annoying.

Microsoft Answers

For more detailed questions or issues, reach us through the OneNote forum on Microsoft Answers. Some of our team members check the site regularly and help users with issues, as do many of our MVP's and helpful community members.

Known issues with OneNote 2013 Preview

We wanted to send a link to the known issues for Office 2013 Customer Preview, you can check there for known issues, but of course we look forward to your feedback!


Thank you again for installing the Customer Preview! Stay tuned to the blog, starting next week we will go in-depth into some of the new features that we've added.

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  • font color under general onenote options always displays a black color no matter which color is chosen. Using version: 15.0.4481.150 ; when typing, the color is fine as selected, it just displays incorrectly in the options menu

  • It is with sadness that i have thrown in the towel on one note and converted to evernote.  It is just too hard to get people onto onenote.  My colleague and i spent 3 hours trying to get his onenote to link to my onenote.  Both of us are running windows7.  Very unfortunate.  After researching, I was certain that onenote was better than evernote and likely much more secure.  I am so disappointed because I really want to use this and as a shareholder of MSFT i want it to work.  This is almost as bad as the mess that MSFT has made of skype.  Try to make it simple....

  • I look for a particular word (text, not image) and the search results show the wrong page. I can manually find the page with that text (so I know the text actually exists on one page somewhere)

    And, yes - I am searching "all notebooks".

    Is this because I moved tabs and content around?

    How do I force a re-index?

    Using OneNote 2013 on Windows 8.

    Upgraded from OneNote 2007.

  • Why is the fuction "Create appointment from OneNote" (like in OneNote207) removed in OneNote2013. I need this for my daily work, and i'm a little bit angry.

  • Hi,

    One feature of onenote which spellbound me is without changing focus to pdf reader i can move the cursor over to the reader's window and scroll down or up and if i type something it goes into one note. It's really helpful in taking notes while reading. Thank YOU :D

  • Hi! Not sure if you are still reading comments here or not ... hope you are.

    I've been using OneNote for many years now. Love it.

    I noticed in 2013 that how TAGS work have changed slightly and not in a good way.

    Use Case.

    1. I'm creating a list of items

    2. I add a tag to the last item on the list

    3. I want to add a new item to the list, so I go to the end of the last item and hit RETURN

    4. The new line has the sames tags as the last line above it

    For how I work, this is a highly annoying. I don't want the new line to have a tag until I add a tag.

    Is there a way to make this "auto tag" not happen?

  • RobK858

    Try immediately pressing "enter" a second time -double tap to kill auto tags.  For me this clears the "auto tagging".  

  • @RobK858 - There is no way to turn this off and it is only for todo lists, most customers have liked it.  You can hit backspace or enter to clear this out.  Thanks for the feedback!

  • I can't drag and drop a link to a FOLDER in OneNote 2013.  It looks like it will do it but after you drag it, the link to the folder doesn't drop into OneNote.

  • Really like using oneNote.

    The whole concept appeals to me however, I think the drawing tools leave a lot to be desired.  If the drawing tools from excel could be used to draw notes in onenote, this would be excellent.

  • Hi, is there a size limit of webpage that onenote can clip?

    When using the clipper, I can only clip less than half of this webpage.

    Also, is there a plan to make the clipper more functional, (i.e. like the evernote one)?


  • Hi!

    Thanks for your multi-plateform software !

    When we adding text with a keyboard it's not ergonomic to format text (bullet, underline... ) with toolbar whitch is at the top of screen.

    I think, it will be better to place the toolbar at the bottom of screen when we have a keyboard connected.

  • i have been doing the syncing through OneDrive so i can access my notes on 3 different PCs.  this is a great feature.

    however, after sync, all of the tabs, folders, and pages are in the full expanded presentation.  i have so many that this is painful.  i would be much more useful to have them not expanded.  better yet, only expand those notes updated since it would imply that those would be the ones most recently worked on somewhere else.


  • You have replied to my some info on my twitter @zigmasb16 and have proposed to send my proposals to OneNote. But I'm using OneNote 2010 and I did not found how to send using click on the right upper corner. How can I contact you? Best wishes

  • Hello, I have a feature (kneel and beg them) request for OneNote! I love my OneNote - use it almost everyday. There are only a couple of things that irk me about it and this is the one that would make life SO much better:

    In this day and age of learning so much online with videos and webinars, I take notes on them ALL the time - lots of notes; and use the clipper to paste screenshots of instructions, etc, into my notes. Many times there are several steps of instruction requiring several small clippings and I don't understand WHY I cannot paste them sequentially into a line with a few spaces between them like I can do so easily in MS Word? This is very wasteful of space in that printing a page of instructions has to be in l o n g  columns rather than spanning across the page and making the document half the number of pages when printing. Please please please - give us this simple functionality like we already have in Word. *Moving pasted clippings around and then making another clipping of ones placed adjacent is not a good option when you have about 20-30 images per page. Why should spend hours do that when MS has the technology already to make the better option possible - This is my OneNote big wish. Thank you for considering.

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