July, 2013

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    OneNote sunset…


    I was walking back to my office this evening and I saw this & I wanted to share it with everyone:



    Some testers on the team put up a bunch of Post-it notes across the windows which spells OneNote.  From the street you can see where different teams are (OneNote, Word, Excel, etc), it is fun tradition we all have. 

    Anyhow I just saw this and liked it…reminds me of how Manhattan has Manhattanhenge, I wonder if we will see this shadow throughout the year. 

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    OneNote for iPad & iPhone connecting to SharePoint, Office 365 & SkyDrive Pro


    I have seen a few people comment about connecting to SharePoint notebooks in OneNote for iPad & iPhone (iOS).  The app fully supports on-prem SharePoint 2010 & higher, Office 365 notebooks and SkyDrive Pro notebooks and I wanted to spend sometime explaining how you can get those notebooks open in OneNote.  Now you need to make sure that you have a connection to your server and for on-prem that means you would need to VPN first.  Additionally if you have some complex form of auth on your server then this might not work with the mobile client put in a comment below if you are facing issues!


    OneNote hyperlinks - just click on the link

    People often will send links to notebooks & content in notebook with a OneNote hyperlink (onenote:) which will call OneNote and then it will open your notebook.  This is how you do this:

    1. Go to OneNote
    2. Right-click on the notebook and choose copy hyperlink to this notebook
    3. Paste this into an email to yourself  or paste it into a notebook which you have open in OneNote on your device
    4. Go to your device to where you had that hyperlink
    5. Tap on the hyperlink (make sure it isn't the web link)
    6. OneNote will open and then maybe ask you for a password
    7. Notebook should open just fine

    This is the preferred way and I think the easiest so if you can send yourself a hyperlink I highly suggest that you do this.


    iPad: Opening from OneNote

    If you are running OneNote on and iPad you can also open a notebook directly from SharePoint by adding your SharePoint to OneNote, just follow these steps:

    1. Open OneNote
    2. Tap on the back arrow in the top left
    3. Tap on Open
    4. Tap on Add a Place
    5. Then choose SharePoint URL and type the name of your SharePoint site and subsite if you know it.
    6. Enter your username & password
    7. Then your SharePoint sites will show up under a SharePoint place, and then you can navigate through the site to find your notebook


    Opening from Office Mobile for iPhone

    If you are on an iPhone and an Office 365 subscriber you can navigate to your SharePoint site from there and tap on a notebook to launch OneNote.


    Opening directly from SharePoint/Office 365

    If you are running SharePoint 2013 or higher you can navigate to the SharePoint site in the browser and from the mobile site you can directly click on the notebook and it will launch OneNote.

    If you are on an iPad you can go into the OneNote Web App and click on "Open in OneNote" and it will launch OneNote, note that this requires the most recent version of the web apps and I believe this is only available on Office 365 at the current time. 

    If you are on SharePoint 2010 you would not be able to do this : (

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    Updated OneNote for iPad, iPhone & Android!


    ON15 LogoMonday was a great day and we shipped a bunch of new clients out there to the world Smile  It was really awesome to get them out the door and also get your feedback, we are digging through all of the app store feedback, tweets and blog comments, really great stuff so please keep it coming!


    Here is a cool launch video I worked on:


    For details on how to get OneNote check out the newly redesigned www.onenote.com

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