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    Office 2010 Group Policy Template files now available


    To all of the IT Admins or deployment folks out there I wanted to let you know the Office 2010 Group Policy template files went live today.

    If you are an admin and you have customised OneNote’s options I would love to hear about what you have done or if you have feature suggestions.  Please comment or send mail.  Cheers

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    Top2OneNote AddIn


    I am a huge fan of Capturx for OneNote for all of my physical paper notebook needs but I wanted to pass on a project done by Johan de Koning where he got a little gadget called “Digital Notepad” which outputs TOP (WALTOP) files and converts them into OneNote notebooks.  He outlined his whole project step-by-step; with how he programmed his addin and got it working.  The whole story is interesting and you can read it here: Top2OneNote Addin – Making my digital notepad notes searchable.

    Even more fun is that Johan put all of his code up on CodePlex: Top2OneNote AddIn.  Nice work Johan!

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    Pen Attention - highlights your pen cursor for giving presentations


    I wanted to pass on something I saw from Kenrick Mock which helps give presentations with the Tablet.  Here is a quick description:

    I've been using my Tablet PC to deliver lectures for years, and I love having the ability to record lectures, mark-up PowerPoint, and write by hand using OneNote. However, it's always bothered me that the pen cursor is a tiny little dot. An example is shown below from OneNote:

    In that image, the cursor is right below the number "2" but it's REALLY hard for my class to see on a projector since it's a teensie weensy dot. The problem is that I like to use the pen to "point" at things as I give the lecture, but it doesn't help if the class can't see it. To remedy this, I've been using the eraser mode of the pen while in hover mode to "point" at things I want to talk about. It works, but is a little klunky.

    After lots of searching around for ways to change the pen cursor to no avail, I finally (after 5 years!) got the idea to make my own program to highlight the cursor. A few afternoons of hacking later, and the result is PenAttention v1.0. This program draws a circle highlight, pencil, or pointer at the location of the pen, when the pen is detected on the screen:

    The class can easily see the location of the pen…

    You can download the software from here: and read his blog where he updates everyone on new features:


    I thought this would be useful for all of the teachers or other educators who are using a Tablet to present their material.
    Thanks Kenrick!

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    Master Chief is a fan of OneNote - how Bungie uses OneNote


    I guess I was busy finishing up OneNote 2010 to blog this but last September a new case study was published showing how Bungie, the makers of the Halo Series (and Marathon), use OneNote.  They have been big fans of OneNote for a long time and it was great to work with them to get this case study out there. 

    Game Developer Improves Collaboration, Reduces Costs with New Software Solution

    Game developer Bungie is the creative force behind the highly successful trilogy of Halo® video games, which have sold more than 25 million copies and grossed more than U.S.$1 billion worldwide. In order to improve its development process, the Kirkland, Washington, company wanted to find a way to better organize production materials during development and facilitate collaboration among team members. The company’s programmers and artists now use Microsoft® Office OneNote® 2007 to store ideas, sketches, images and audio clips. Having a centralized repository for this information means that all team members have access to the latest iteration of designs and specifications, which streamlines the development lifecycle. The ease of accessing information in Office OneNote 2007 also saves Bungie employees time each day, which translates into $136,500 in potential annual productivity savings.

    You can read the whole thing up online but it is just great to think that OneNote is helping Bungie make some amazing games!

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    OneNote 2010 and Visual Studio 2010 - compatibility issues


    I wanted to highlight some issues developers might have if they try and program against the OneNote 2010 API with Visual Studio 2010.

    Make sure to reference the COM API and not the .Net API

    First of all there is an issue with the interop assembly that shipped with Visual Studio 2010, it is out of date because we had to make a change to the API after the VS team took their final drop.  It is sad that this happened and working across teams but it just means that you should NOT reference the OneNote 14.0 object from the .Net tab and instead reference it from the COM tab:



    Make sure to turn off ‘Embed Interop Types’

    There is a new feature in Visual Studio 2010 where most PIAs are no longer embedded in the application by default, this has been called the NOPIA.  Misha Shneerson has some details about this on his blog here:  Better eventing support in CLR 4.0 using NOPIA support.

    However OneNote 2010’s typelib is not compatible with this feature and by default after you have added a reference to OneNote 2010 typelib you will see this error:

    Error    1    'Microsoft.Office.Interop.OneNote.Application' does not contain a definition for 'GetHierarchy' and no extension method 'GetHierarchy' accepting a first argument of type 'Microsoft.Office.Interop.OneNote.Application' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)    C:\ConsoleApplication1\ConsoleApplication1\Program.cs    15    19    ConsoleApplication1

    This was from the 'GetHierarchy' method but you would see it with any method you call into OneNote.  This is due to the new NOPIA option and you would need to turn if off to get things working again.

    Turning off NOPIA/embed interop types for OneNote 2010:

    1. Find the reference to Microsoft.Office.Interop.OneNote on the Solution Explorer
    2. Click on it and view the properties down below
    3. Find the value Embed Intero Types and change it from True to False
    4. Recompile and you should be all set


    Now you should be all set.

    I will blog more about other OneNote 2010 API/extensibility changes but in the meantime I wanted to pass on some of these details to make sure you weren’t blocked.  Visual Studio 2008 & 2005 shouldn’t have this problem because it was a new feature in VS2010 and .Net 4.

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    Windows Phone 7 Office Hub, including OneNote Mobile


    I wanted to show a preview of OneNote Mobile for Windows Phone 7:


    This is another part of the OneNote on three screen: desktop, browser and phone so we want you to have your notes no matter where you are.  Of course we had OneNote Mobile since OneNote 2007 but this new version will sync to the cloud and it is pretty sweet.  Anyhow I just wanted to share, now back to work Smile

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    Watch OneNote MVP Kathy Jacobs talking about OneNote


    Earlier this year we had the Microsoft MVPs in town for the MVP Summit and you can see Kathy Jacobs talking about OneNote:

    Get Microsoft Silverlight

    You can get more info from Kathy here:

    Thanks Kathy!

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    Info about OneNote 2007 update from April 2010 (KB980729)


    I have gotten a few questions about what was in the update for KB980729 which was an update for OneNote 2007 published on April 13th, 2010. 
    This was an update to OneNote 2007 to make sure there was no data loss when you sync your notebook on a SharePoint 2010 server.  If you are planning on upgrading your SharePoint server to 2010 and you have notebooks stored on SharePoint then you would want to make sure you install this update.  However if you don't use SharePoint notebooks you don't need this update, but it is recommended that you install it.


    For people who like details please keep reading:  OneNote 2007 would query SharePoint for the list of items (sections, thicket folders, section groups) in a notebook it would get the default list size in SharePoint.  In SharePoint 2007 this was 100 but in SharePoint 2010 they lowered it down to 30.  And since OneNote creates a thicket folder for each section this would meant that if you had more than 15 items in OneNote it would cause sync to fail and sections to disappear.  The update is to make sure that OneNote queries for 100 items no matter the view setting.

    Thicket folders are where OneNote stores all of the embedded files for a section.  If you section is called then there will be a thicket folder home_onefiles for that section.


    Sorry for the confusion and we are working to make sure that KB article is more detailed but in the meantime hope this blog post is helpful.

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    Menu to Ribbon mappings for OneNote 2010


    imageNew in OneNote 2010 we transitioned our UI to the new Fluent UI (also called the Ribbon) which was introduced in most apps in Office 2007.  Now for most people you will be able to find all of the commands in the Ribbon without any problem, however our user assistance group created these guides to help you. 

    You can find the guides for all of the Office apps and for OneNote:



    Hope this helps!

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    Getting OneNote 2010, where to buy/download


    OneNote 2010In my last post I talked about how we finished OneNote 2010 and I wanted to let you know when you would be able to get your hands on it.

    For most of you reading this blog you will be able to get Office 2010 in June 2010 when it hit retails stores.  You can already pre-order today from the Microsoft Store or from Amazon and you will get it in June.

    Just as reminder that OneNote is now included in all Office editions so that means no matter what suite you buy you will get OneNote in it.  There is a handy chart on the Microsoft Store which shows the breakdown of all of the suites:


    For most people I would recommend Home and Student which is a great value but if you need Outlook/Publisher/Access then you might want to look at the other editions.

    Of course you can always purchase OneNote individually and you can pre-order OneNote 2010 as well.

    Now if you are a business customer you can get it starting on April 27th and the launch is on 5/12 with tons of details here:

    Finally if you are a developer or IT admin you can get OneNote from MSDN/TechNet right now!  Neowin talked about how it was released on 4/22.

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    OneNote 2010 has RTMed!!


    There was much celebrating last Friday when Office 2010 RTMed which means that we are done with the Office 2010 release!  We had an epic ship party where we celebrated our hard work and the awesome OneNote 2010 release.  It feels great to be done with OneNote 2010 and you all will be using it in your daily lives over the upcoming months.  We are proud of this release and look forward to your feedback!

    Also at times like this I wanted to pause and thank you all for being loyal customers and for making what we do so rewarding.  It was great to get all of the beta feedback from you all, we love seeing your comments and suggestions.  We look forward to your continued input and letting us know how you use OneNote.

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    Office Lab's Canvas updated for OneNote 2010


    I wanted to pass on some news from Nathan Fish and the other folks in Office Labs who have updated Canvas.  Details here: Canvas for OneNote now supports OneNote 2010 and Windows XP.  You can download the new version here: Canvas For OneNote.  Enjoy!

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    Office 2010 Real Life Stories - Monterey


    They just showed this video to us at a team meeting today.  I just had to share since it was so awesome:

    It is great to see customers using OneNote for a bunch of projects like this.  Hope you enjoy!

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    Pfizer adopts OneNote for web collaboration


    I had to pass on this article which appeared on which is entitled:  Pfizer adopts MS OneNote for web collaboration.  Here is a quick snippet:

    Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has built its Enterprise 2.0 strategy to roll out web collaboration tools internally on the Microsoft OneNote tool that ships with Office 2007.

    OneNote is a note-taking tool that fits within the Microsoft Office productivity suite.

    Speaking at the Enterprise Social Media Europe conference at Olympia, Simon Revell, associate director for online collaboration and web technology at Pfizer, said, "OneNote allows users to share information very easily. Within the first year [of deploying OneNote] over 600 people at Pfizer are using it, with very little push from IT."


    "This is where OneNote slotted into the strategy, allowing users to create documents, simply by dragging and dropping information into the OneNote window, and sharing it via SharePoint. OneNote helps people move from personal working to team collaboration," he said.

    It is great to see how customers like Pfizer is using OneNote 2007’s shared notebooks and I think they will like OneNote 2010 even more since we have added a bunch of shared collab features.

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    Need help with OneNote 2010? Have a bug with the OneNote 2010 beta?


    We wanted to let you know that we are listening to all of the great feedback you all have been sending us on the OneNote 2010 beta.  Right now we are looking at feedback through the following channels:


    I think is a lot no‽  In any event if you have problems with OneNote please go to the Connect site and log a bug so we can track it and see if we have fixed this or not.  If you have questions try out the OneNote Help site or the newsgroups.

    Thanks again and we looking forward to your feedback!

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    Co-Authoring in Microsoft Office 2010


    For those of you who use shared notebooks in OneNote 2007 you will love to see what is new in OneNote 2010 in this cool video created by Common Craft.  You can get a taste for some of the new features we have in OneNote 2010 to make shared notebooks more awesome, I will have another post which has more details, but in the mean time please enjoy this video:

    You can also see that Word & PowerPoint 2010 has some co-authoring features so you don’t need to deal with the hassle of attachments and conflicting edits.  With Office 2010 this is just so much better with OneNote, Word and PowerPoint.

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    Announcing the OneNote 2010 Beta


    Exciting day everyone!  We are releasing the OneNote 2010 beta today, so you can try out the newest version of OneNote right now!

    Download the Office 2010 beta here:


    We are super excited to unveil the work we as a team have been doing since releasing Office 2007 and we hope that you all are excited as we are, David talked about what's new in OneNote 2010 so please check out that post if you haven't already.  OneNote 2010 is OneNote's 3rd release and we have come a long way from where we started in Office 2003 to where we are today.  We are now part of every Office install, we have a web client, a mobile client and a desktop client which is better than ever.  Most importantly we have you all, people who use OneNote everyday in school, at work and at home...we are just so amazed to see how you all use OneNote and how it helps you everyday.  We have been listening to you all and I hope you all are happy with the release.    Hence the beta, now is the perfect time for you to submit your feedback and we will listen : )


    That being said you can download the beta here: and try it on your computer right now.  Please remember this is a beta and there will be bugs, hopefully not too many but please report anything you see in the beta.  I will have a post later today outlining how we will be listening to your feedback and submit bugs.  Also over the next weeks I will be posting about the new features and showing step-by-step how they work and why we designed them the way that we have.

  • Engineering OneNote Blog - join the community and register to win $200!


    If you haven’t seen there is the website and community which allows you to connect with other OneNote users, learn OneNote tips and more.  Now would be the prefect time to check out the site and sign up for an account because from now until September 29th every new person to register on the site has a chance to win a $200 giftcard.  Full details on the site:

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    Custom Guide - quick references for many apps including OneNote!


    Hat tip to John for pointing this out and also thanks to lifehacker who posted this yesterday:

    CustomGuide Provides Quick-Reference Sheets for Microsoft, Apple, and Adobe Products and the program featured in the image was OneNote 2007 : )


    The folks at Custom Guide has a great set of quick references that I would encourage people to check it out, here is the direct link to the OneNote 2007 guide (pdf).  Enjoy and thanks Custom Guide!

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    Like OneNote? Be a fan of OneNote on Facebook


    I kind of stopped using Facebook for a few months as I was really busy with other things and but I recently starting using it again and I saw that you can become a fan of OneNote!  If you love or like OneNote you should be a fan as well, just go here:

    Also it looks like Michael has some more details on his blog:

    If you are already a fan thank you!  It has been fun reading through people's comments and suggestions, please keep it coming.

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