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June, 2008

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Me, Myself & I...

My name is Mikael Deurell and I work as an Architect Evangelist at Microsoft Sweden. In prior lives, before joining Microsoft, I’ve... worked for the Swedish Police, studied Computer Science at the University, jumped out of perfectly good airplanes as an Airborne Ranger in the Army, worked as a team leader for a bunch of cool Software Architects, saving people trapped in elevators, almost getting myself killed as a bike messenger in Stockholm and trying really hard to look cool while working as a Skydiving Instructor (almost worked even though I look like a MonChiChi)

And if you still want more...

  • Mikael Deurell

    Nytt jobb! Architect Evangelist på DPE... Sweeeet!

    Jag brinner för praktisk orienterad arkitektur! Att ständigt lära mig nya saker baserat på erfarenheter från incidenter i produktionsmiljön, lasttester och smarta utvecklare/testare/supporttekniker/admin dudes. Att ständigt bli smärtsamt påmind om att...
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