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    WMI: Microsoft Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) is an extensions to Windows Driver Model (WDM); it provides the Operating System interface to access any instrumented (have ability to monitor) Enterprise components that provide the information as well as notification.

    WMI is the Microsoft implementation to two industry standards of DMTF (Desktop Management Task Force). They are,
    1. CIM  - Common Information Model  2. WBEM - Web-Based Enterprise Management

    Usage: Some of the common usages are,

    • Access most elements of your operating system and its environment
    • Can access a local or remote computer
    • Can configure and manage the hidden settings


    • Can be used with the Programming languages(VB.Net, C#.Net, etc.)
    • Can be used with the Scripting languages(Windows Shell, VBScript, etc.)
    • Also available as Command Line Interface - Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line (WMIC)
    • Pre-installed in most of the latest Windows OS
    • Downloads (redistributables) available for Windows 95, Windows 98

    For more WMI Scripting info click, WMI Scripting Primer  |  Need Troubleshooting and tips for WMI, click WMI FAQs

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    Microsoft Surface


    Surface computing has arrived.
     Microsoft Surface

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    Exchange - Terminology changes Roadmap


    Here is an interesting article which tabulates terminology changes from MS Exchange Server 5.5  to Exchange Server 2007; there are quite many changes been made between these versions, added/removed quite many features.

    Although this table doesn't include all the features, but it can be used as a starting point to help yourself...

    Please click here to read the article

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    My First Post



    I am DeVa working as Support Engineer for Microsoft. Currently located in Bangalore, India. I am a generalist and support code related (programmatic) access to Enterprise Business Application - especially Exchange and Outlook related stuff, like VBA, Sinks, VSTO, WebDAV,  CDOx.

    Have hands of development experience in SAP and Microsoft Technologies in Aeronautical, Retail, Manufacturing domains....

    Interests: .Net Programming - Web/Windows/Mobile applications, Enterprise Library

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