Welcome to troubleshooting performance issues in MS Outlook Series - Part 2

Do you face any one of the following issue, when you work with MS Outlook 2007?

When you try to,

  • read e-mail emessages ?
  • move e-mail messages?
  • delete e-mail messages?

Do you face Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 momentarily stops responding?

Do you know, these symptoms are most noticeable during mail delivery or during synchronization. These symptoms become more pronounced as store size increases. They are more likely to occur when the size of the .pst file or the size of the .ost file approaches 2 gigabytes (GB). Additionally, they are more pronounced in a very large .pst file or in a very large .ost file that is 4 GB or larger. 

For more information, please find this wonderful article, which talks about how to troubleshoot the performance issues in Outlook 2007 and with respect to larger .pst or .ost files.