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    Interesting one to read : Top 10 myths about Exchange Server 2010…


    If you get a chance, please read this article (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/exchange/teamblog/ff626491.aspx?query=1) which talks about Top 10 Exchange Storage myths. Nice one to read.

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    OWA Customization Update : Outlook Web Access (OWA) 2010 Support Policy


    Adding this blog post with respect to my previous article regarding support for Exchange Server OWA customization and its PSS Support Policy. We do get customers that they try and want to us provide assistance on OWA customization for OWA 2007 and 2010. They either want to customize OWA by changing features or by modifying the user interface or want to restore back to the normal OWA. Although they can customize OWA objects by modifying either the script code or the HTML, but Microsoft does not recommend that them to do so.

    Please note: Per the support knowledge base article, Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS) also cannot help you with the customization. But if you want to customize the OWA, the following limitations and considerations apply:

    • PSS does not provide assistance to customize OWA objects.
    • If you contact PSS about an OWA issue for a server that OWA is customized on, you must replace the customized files with the original versions of the files and verify that you can reproduce the issue by using the original versions of the files.
    • If the issue occurs only with the customized versions of the files, and you cannot reproduce the issue with the original versions of the files, PSS cannot help you troubleshoot the issue.
    • If you install a service pack or hot fix that updates the files in the Program Files\Exchsrvr\Exchweb folder, any customized files that exist in that folder are overwritten.
    • As a best practice and we recommend customers to follow is, if you do not want to lose the customizations that you created, create a backup of the customized files, and then restore the files after you install the service pack or hot fix.

    In these scenarios, although PSS cannot help you (customers/developers/end-users) customize OWA,  they can still try any one of the following resources:

    • As you know, Microsoft hosts public newsgroups where you can post questions and discuss topics that are related to Exchange Server or Exchange 2000. One of the newsgroups where you can ask questions that are related to Exchange 2000 development is microsoft.public.exchange2000.development. To access this newsgroup and other Exchange Server newsgroups, visit the following Microsoft Web site: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/exchange/bb341336.aspx 
    • To locate other Exchange Server communities, visit the following Microsoft Web site: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/exchange/bb341336.aspx

    Hope this helps.

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    Download : Windows Phone Developer tools CTP

    With respect to my earlier blog post regarding Windows Mobile 6.5 developer tool kit , now you can download the “ Windows Phone Developer tools CTP ”. The same powerful and easy to use Visual Studio integrated developer environment (IDE) handles from...
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    KIN : Microsoft Unveils next generation social Windows Phone

    I want to share information regarding KIN , a new next generation Social Windows Phone released by Microsoft Corp. on April 12 2009 (click here to watch “ Microsoft unveils Kin ” – Silverlight Presentation).   It’s designed specifically for people...
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    Download : Windows Phone 7 Training Kit for Developers

    Windows Phone 7 Series promises to be an amazing mobile phone operating system given its innovative user interface and functionality, as well as its great development platform upon which you can quickly and easily build games and applications. With a...
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    Upgrade : Can you update from Windows Mobile 6.1 to 6.5?

    As per Windows Phone forum article , over the next few months, the partners may release updates to some of their Windows Mobile 6.1 phones. As the updates become available, we’ll add links here that will guide you to the installation instructions on the...
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    About me…Hello World?

    I am Deva from Microsoft. I am an enthusiast and a developer with Windows Phone/Mobile application development, XNA and Silverlight. I will provide related updates in this MSDN blog. I look forward from you to provide your valuable comments, queries which...
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    My View : Office 2010, what’s up, buddy?


    Whenever our discussion turns towards Office 2010, most of my customers ask, “What’s up with Office 2010? Any new features? Some thing new for end users? What’s up buddy?”

    There are many new features, user experiences available with each application/product of Office 2010 suite, which i reported couple of them earlier. Additionally I want to share couple of my experiences, that i personally tried.  

    Regarding Office 2010, you can see new features, mobility, productivity and provide new dimensional user experiences:

    • Outlook Conversation view: I like this feature a lot, which helps me to keep track of conversation regarding a topic – whole thread for my view.

    • Use anywhere: Expect the best productivity experience across PCs, Phones and browsers.

    • Office anywhere: Find a new hands-on experience with Office Web Apps - people will be able to view, access, share and work with their Office documents from virtually anywhere.

    • Better Social Connectivity: It’s a social networking age, so our applications do. You can manage the professional, personal and social networks together with Outlook using Outlook Social Connector (OSC).

    • Mobile Office: You can have your whole office related work using Windows Mobile Office.

    • SharePoint Mobility: It’s just not Office, you can use SharePoint Mobility to access documents, lists, calendars on SharePoint 2010, performing people and document searches and receiving SMS alerts on SharePoint content.

    • x64 bit Office: As 64-bit processors and operating systems are becoming the standard for systems ranging from servers to desktop computers, 64-bit Office will be able to take advantage of everything that 64-bit systems have to offer. Microsoft Office 2010 marks the first time Office will be shipping in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

    • Virtualization & Office: Per Takeshi Numoto, CVP in Office, “App-V 4.6 provides Office customers with a robust set of features to tackle core challenges including application upgrade, application coexistence, and user readiness. It’s an exciting, powerful new way for IT to deliver Office 2010 quickly without impacting user productivity”

    • Office Graphics: With Office 2010, i do see lot of improvements for using Pictures – cropping pictures, background removal in Office 2010 (Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook).

    • My custom ribbon: I can create, customize and personalize my own Ribbon that suits my Office 2010 client applications.

    • Click-to-Run: This new software delivery mechanism introduced with Office 2010. It based on MS App-V (again, virtualization and streaming technologies). Already i discussed regarding this.

    • UI Extensibility: With new Backstage View, you can provide support for customization and extend the UI per your custom requirement.

    • Product Key-card: Using this single license card (with no DVD media), we can access and experience Office 2010 on new PC’s pre-loaded with Office 2010.

    I know the list above is few, but i like them more, as they help me to improve the productivity.

    Hope this helps. I wish you to try new Office 2010 suite and have a wonderful user experience with Office 2010!!

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    Release-to-Manufacturing (RTM) : Office 2010, SharePoint 2010, Visio 2010 and Project 2010


    Earlier this year Microsoft announced that they will officially launch Office 2010 to the business customers on May 12 with Stephen Elop, President of Microsoft’s Business Division, delivering a keynote as part of our virtual launch. The virtual launch will allow people from around the globe to participate in the launch by going to http://www.the2010event.com. The virtual launch site will showcase product demos, customer and partner testimonials, and interviews with product managers and executives, and hope this will give the users another great way to explore, learn, and get excited about the 2010 releases.

    April 15, 2010 Microsoft reached the release-to-manufacturing (RTM) milestone for Office 2010, SharePoint 2010, Visio 2010 and Project 2010! As you know that the RTM is the final engineering milestone of a product release. Since the start of public beta in November 2009,  more than 7.5 million people downloaded the beta version, which is  more than 3 times the number of 2007 beta downloads!

    Office 2010 will first become available in retail stores in June in the US, and customers can pre-order these retail versions of Office 2010 at http://store.microsoft.com/OfficePreorder today to receive Office when it becomes available.

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    Exchange Server Utility : PFDAVAdmin update is released


    I use PFDAVAdmin  utility [Exchange Server Public Folder Distributed Authoring and Versioning (DAV)-based Administration tool]  to perform various management tasks related to public folders and mailboxes. An updated version of the PFDAVAdmin tool has been released to the web on 04/06/2010 (the prior version on the Download Center was from April of 2007) @ Microsoft Download Center. You can get it from the download center at this link: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=635BE792-D8AD-49E3-ADA4-E2422C0AB424.

    Per MSExchange.com’s blog post, this update contains various bug fixes that have been made over the last three years. It also has some changes that make it work better against Exchange 2007. If you need similar functionality for Exchange 2010, use ExFolders instead

    Please note:

    • The dependency on .NET Framework 1.1 remains, which means you should run PFDAVAdmin from a workstation with Framework 1.1 installed - you should not install this old version of the framework on your Exchange servers, because it makes IIS unhappy.
    • PFDAVAdmin still cannot connect to Exchange 2010 servers, because WebDAV is gone from 2010.
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    Microsoft Security Bulletin MS10-024 – Security Update


    This is regarding the “Microsoft Security Bulletin MS10-024” - Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange and Windows SMTP Service Could Allow Denial of Service (981832). As we know, security related changes for Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010 ship as Update rollups following the cumulative servicing model.

    Per MS Exchange Product Group blog post, this security update resolves one publicly disclosed vulnerability and one privately reported vulnerability in Microsoft Exchange and Windows SMTP Service.

    • Security Update for Exchange 2000 Server (KB976703)
    • Security Update for Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2 (KB976702)
    • Update Rollup 10 for Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 (KB981407)
    • Update Rollup 4 for Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 2 (KB981383)
    • Update Rollup 3 for Exchange Server 2010 (KB981401)

    Recommendation. Based on Security Bulletin, the majority of customers have automatic updating enabled and will not need to take any action because this security update will be downloaded and installed automatically. Customers who have not enabled automatic updating need to check for updates and install this update manually.

    For information about specific configuration options in automatic updating, see Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 294871.

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    Visual Studio 2010 & New C++ and MFC features


    I want to share some important new features of new Visual Studio 2010 for C++ development - Visual Studio 2010 presents huge benefits for C++ developers. From the ability to employ the new features offered by Windows 7 to the enhanced productivity features for working with large code bases, there is something new and improved for just about every C++ developer.

    Figure 10 MFC Class Wizard

    Specifically, Visual Studio 2010 enables a more modern programming model by adding core language features from the upcoming C++0x standard, and by overhauling the standard library to take advantage of the new language features. There are new parallel programming libraries and tools to simplify the creation of parallel programs. You’ll also find enhanced overall performance and developer productivity thanks to IntelliSense and code-understanding features that scale to large code bases. And you’ll benefit from the improved  performance of libraries and other features across design time, build time, compile time and link time.

    Visual Studio 2010 migrates the build system to MSBuild to make it more customizable and to support native multi-targeting. And enhancements in the MFC library harness the power of new Windows 7 APIs, enabling you to write great Windows 7 applications.

    You can read more related information from Sumit Kumar’s MSDN article. For more information regarding this, you can have a look at http://blogs.msdn.com/vcblog.

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    Visual Studio 2010 : Which suits me better?


    Visual Studio 2010 is packed with new and enhanced features that simplify the entire development process from design to deployment. Customize your workspace with multiple monitor support. Create rich applications for SharePoint and the Web. Target multiple versions of the .NET Framework with the same tool. Eliminate the dreaded "no repro" problem with IntelliTrace. And much more.

    Flavors of Visual Studio 2010:

    (1) Professional (2) Premium (3) Ultimate (4) Test Professional

    Which edition suits me better?

    You can have a look at the given snapshot or refer the following article.


    If you want to make a try, then you can try these trial editions of Visual Studio 2010?

  • Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate: Trial Download
  • Visual Studio 2010 Premium: Trial Download
  • Visual Studio 2010 Professional: Trial Download
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    Visual Studio Launch(across the world): Conference & Expo

    Microsoft and DevConnections Visual Studio Launch Conference and Expo:

    Watch the live webcast of the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Launch on April 12th at Pacific Daylight Time. Hear Bob Muglia, President of Microsoft’s Server and Tools business, as he introduces Visual Studio 2010 and shows how it helps developers unleash their creativity.

    Watch it live

    Las Vegas, Nevada, USA – Bellagio Resort

    April 12, 2010

    Keynote: Bob Muglia, President - Server and Tools Business

    Join us at the Microsoft Visual Studio Conference & Expo! Not only will you experience the launch alongside the Visual Studio team and industry legends, you'll get three days of sessions by the best speakers in the industry on the latest and greatest technologies, such as Silver light and .NET 4. Plus the Bellagio Resort is the perfect setting for our event. See you in Vegas!


    Bangalore, India

    April 12, 2010

    Keynote: S. Somasegar, Senior Vice President - Developer Division

    Attend the Visual Studio 2010 launch at TechEd India, the largest technology conference globally this year. Learn about the new features in Visual Studio 2010, plus discover cutting-edge trends. Perhaps most importantly, build personal connections with Microsoft experts and peers that will last far beyond this event!


    Beijing, China – Royal King Hotel

    April 12, 2010

    Keynote: Julia Liuson, General Manager – Developer Division

    Join us at the Royal King Hotel in Beijing to launch Visual Studio 2010. Hear the best speakers in the industry and see all the great, new features in Visual Studio 2010 that make life easier for you at work. We hope to see you in Beijing!


    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre

    April 12, 2010

    Keynote: Dave Mendlen, Senior Director - Developer Tools

    Join us at the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Launch in Malaysia. Learn about the exciting features in Visual Studio 2010 and how it enables you to develop high quality and scalable applications on the various Microsoft platforms from Windows to the Web to mobile to cloud computing (Windows Azure). While you're in Malaysia, enjoy the multicultural city and white sandy beaches. There's something for everyone!


    London, United Kingdom - VUE Cinemas

    April 12, 2010

    Keynote: Jason Zander, General Manager - Visual Studio

    Join us for the Launch of Visual Studio 2010—and attend in-depth sessions from the best speakers in the industry. Learn about all the great new features in Visual Studio 2010 plus learn about Silverlight, WPF, WF, WCF, Application Lifecycle Management, .NET 4, ASP.NET AJAX, ASP.NET MVC, and much more! We hope you'll join us in April!


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    Outlook 2010 : How to configure multiple exchange accounts to a profile?


    If you use Outlook 2010 (Technical Preview), you can notice couple of new improvements got added. With Outlook 2010, you can configure multiple Exchange Accounts to a profile – a new special feature introduced along with this.

    Snapshot - Navigation Pane

    In order to implement this, you need to use the following procedure/steps to do so using OCT (Office Customization tool):

    1. From the root of the network installation point, run the following command line to start the Office Customization Tool: \\server\share\setup.exe /admin

    2. To edit an existing customization file (.msp), in the Select Product dialog box, click Open an existing Setup customization file. Or to create a new customization file, select the Office suite that you want to customize, and then click OK.

    3. In the Outlook area, click Outlook profile. Select how you want to customize profiles for your users. To change an existing profile or to add a new profile, choose Modify Profile or New Profile.

    4. To add and configure new and existing accounts, click Add accounts, and then click Customize additional Outlook profile and account information.

    5. To add an Exchange account, click the Add button.

    6. In the Add Accounts dialog box, select Exchange, and then click Next.

    7. In the Exchange Settings dialog box, enter an account name and the name of the Exchange Server computer. If you want to identify the user by using a specific value, enter a User Name. Otherwise, leave the default %username% value for the User Name. Each user’s account information in the Active Directory directory service will be automatically populated for the profile.

    8. If you want to change an existing Exchange account in a user’s profile, select the Overwrite existing Exchange accounts check box.

    9. Click More Settings for additional Exchange configuration options such as Cached Exchange Mode and Outlook Anywhere, and then click OK.

    10. When you are finished, click Finish.

    11. To add an additional Exchange account, repeat steps 5-10.

    12. If you are creating a new profile, add the Outlook Address Book account to the profile. This account allows you to use the Contacts folder in your Exchange mailbox as an address book when you create e-mail messages.

    13. After you have finished all your customizations, save the customization file (.msp) and exit the OCT. Put the .msp file in the Office installation source \Updates folder. Install the Microsoft Office 2010 from the original installation source.

    Please note:

    • More Info: If you want to hear more about this feature, you can read this article posted by Andrew Sullivan, Outlook Program Manager.
    • Modify/Remove exchange accounts: In order to You can easily modify or remove an Exchange account from a profile by using almost the same procedure as previously described in Add multiple Exchange accounts to a profile. In step 5, highlight the Exchange account that you want to modify or remove from the profile, and then click either Modify to modify or Remove to remove the account. Then, finish your customizations and save the customization file (.msp)

    Try this out and enjoy the new feature of Outlook 2010!!

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    Do you know about Exchange Server 2007 Servicing?


    Do you aware of Exchange Server 2007 Servicing? What is it...

    Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 is serviced differently from earlier versions of Exchange. The servicing method that is used for Exchange 2007 offers several advantages over previous servicing methods. However, this servicing method differs slightly for hotfix contents, Windows Installer technology, and updates.

    Please go through the following TechNet article describes these differences and provides guidance about how to best deploy fixes for Exchange 2007. It talks about various topics including Engineering Improvements, Installer Technology, Deployment Order, 32-bit vs 64-bit, Outlook Web Access (OWA) Customization, Release Schedule and distribution methods, Interim Updates and Update rollup ineraction etc.; also it provide important information about how Microsoft services and updates Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. These topics outline the servicing strategy for Exchange 2007, list the updates that are available for Exchange 2007, and provide basic information about how to apply the appropriate updates.

    Really a handy to check-on!!

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