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    Outlook Object Model 2010: Programmatically check whether the search is synchronous or not?

    In Outlook 2010, you have a way to check whether the search is synchronous or asynchronous or not. Just created a small code snippet (below) for the reference – you can notice that I just call the application.IsSearchSynchronous() and pass the look in folder which want to try. The path name of the folders that the search will search through. Code snippet:
       1: Sub TestSearch()
       3:  Dim fpath As String
       4:  Dim oStre As Outlook.Store
       6:  For Each oStre In Outlook.Session.Stores
       7:  fpath = "'" & oStre.GetRootFolder.folderPath & "'"
       8:  Debug.Print fpath & " IsSearchSynchronous = " & Application.IsSearchSynchronous(fpath)
       9:  Next
      11: End Sub




    + You must enclose the folder path (fpath) with single quotes – refer the above example
    + If the search is synchronous, the AdvancedSearch method will not return until the search has completed.
    + On the contrary, if the search is asynchronous, the AdvancedSearch method will immediately return.
    + In order to get meaningful results from an asynchronous search, use the AdvancedSearchComplete event to notify you when the search has finished.

    Happy programming!!

  • Le Café Central de DeVa

    ESE, SQL


    Recently I was talking to one of my customer. He was suggesting why MS should consider SQL instead of ESE(Extensible Storage Engine) db. It just remembered the famous old blog post at Exchange team blog – just referenced him the same Smile

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