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  • Blog Post: Microsoft Office Marketplace: Developer tools and macros

    You can download free or paid or trial versions of Developer tools and macros for Office versions 2003, 2007 and 2010 at Marketplace ….It’s available for the products like Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, SharePoint and Access.
  • Blog Post: My View on Microsoft Office Binary File Format validator (beta) utility - Post # 1

    What I tried ? Sometime earlier i reviewed (tried) the new command-line utility Microsoft Office Binary File Format Validator (beta) – which helps to to validate binary file format files for the following files and applications: .doc files (Microsoft Word 97/2000/2003 and file formats supported by Microsoft...
  • Blog Post: General: Power of blogging

    Today I was following the interesting article related to blogging – Power of blogging, I would say, how anyone’s life can be changed. You can read this too “The MBA who quit his job to earn $100,000 doing Excel blogging” @ .
  • Blog Post: Download : Using MS Excel Template to track FIFA 2010 World Cup schedules

    From today onwards FIFA World cup 2010 going to start and there is already a lot of craze among the soccer fans across the world. Being a hardcore soccer fan, you can find a nice way to keep a schedule of all the matches in your hard drive using Microsoft Excel. I am pretty sure that usually we need...
  • Blog Post: My View : Office 2010, what’s up, buddy?

    Whenever our discussion turns towards Office 2010, most of my customers ask, “What’s up with Office 2010? Any new features? Some thing new for end users? What’s up buddy?” There are many new features, user experiences available with each application/product of Office 2010 suite, which i reported couple...
  • Blog Post: Outlook & VBA : Export contact information to Excel

    Please find the following script that retrieves the FullName and BusinessTelephoneNumber properties for all the contacts in an Outlook address book:   1: On Error Resume Next 2:   3: Const olFolderContacts = 10 4:   5: Set objOutlook = CreateObject( "Outlook.Application"...
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