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8 Reasons our pilot project was a SUCCESS!

8 Reasons our pilot project was a SUCCESS!

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During the release of the Visual Studio 2012 we worked with several universities to localize our content into several languages, including Czech, Italian, Russian and Turkish. 
We had some promising new tools, and a fresh new workflow for the localization of our Visual Studio documentation, but what really made the difference were the people who helped us put it all together!

Visual Studio, documentation, Italian, Czech, Turkish, Russian

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all who participated, and recognize in particular the following eight students. Each of these fine scholars stood out among the rest for their knowledge, excellence, and professionalism:

 We wish each of them a bright future, and look forward to seeing their upcoming contributions to the industry.

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  • Good, Nice Work

  • Well it was cute that those eight students were the key or actually their skills and attitude. I think one of the main ingredient in any successful project is an individual with motivation to get things done!

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