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Obligatory "about me" page


Obligatory "about me" page

I'm currently the lead developer of the SIlverlight Toolkit team. Before that, I was the lead developer of the Silverlight framework team. Before Silverlight, my previous position was heading the WPF AppModel developer team. Before that (with another company) I wrote forensic DNA analysis software. Before that...I think I had something to do with cars. Or traffic lights. Or something like that. Definitely computers, anyway.

Somewhere in the depths of time there was also working in a mom-and-pop computer store, writing a database to distribute oil and gas revenue (still in use), programming for light pens (the input device of the future!), selling candy at a movie theater, making pizzas, and delivering newspapers. It has been a long, strange trip, but I believe that I have learned something from every job I've ever had. For example, from delivering papers I learned the value of an indoor job; making pizzas built character; working at a movie theater built confidence in my own resourcefullness when I had to staple my uniform pants together after squatting down to get something off of a low shelf; selling computers made me realize that I never want to sell computers again. I'm not sure what I learned from the other stuff but no doubt I am better for it anyway.

That was all work related--on a personal note, I enjoy (in no particular order) reading Terry Pratchett, playing guitar, spending time with my family, sushi, tennis, fishing, baseball and long walks on the beach (but only in nice weather.)