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August, 2005

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    The Visitor pattern and multiple dispatch

    Today I'll talk about multiple dispatch, a programming language feature that increases flexibility of method calls and eliminates the need for awkward pattern constructions, at the cost of some additional complexity in the dispatch algorithm. The Visitor...
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    Floating-point arithmetic

    What's got a mantissa field, an exponent field, is included in nearly every major programming language, yet relatively few programmers really understand? The answer is floating-point arithmetic. Most programmers realize that floating-point computation...
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    Unrolled linked lists

    Today I'll be discussing unrolled linked lists , a simple variant of the linked list which has many of its desirable properties but exploits the cache to yield considerably better performance on modern PCs. In elementary data structures classes, students...
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    Stop writing header files

    Although one of my favorite languages, C++ has a number of issues that make it difficult to write and maintain. One of the worst is its compilation model: you import declarations using fragile literal text inclusion ( #include ), and you have to waste...
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    Bloom filters

    Imagine you're writing a simple spell checker in C. You've already collected a dictionary of 100,000 words, and you want to process the document a word at a time and find any words that aren't in the dictionary. You don't care about providing suggestions...
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    Hi everybody. My name is Derrick Coetzee. I'm totally new to the blog scene - I've barely read any, much less written any - so you'll have to forgive me if (or rather when) I do anything ridiculous. I created this blog to discuss some of the technologies...
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