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October, 2005

  • Developing for Developers

    Software transactional memory

    Software transactional memory ( STM ) is a scheme for concurrent programming with multiple threads that uses transactions similar to those used in databases. Today I'll discuss what STM is, how it works, some implementations, and why you should care....
  • Developing for Developers

    Non-nullable types

    If you write programs in C, C++, Java, or C#, you've gotten used to having the null value around. The null value is a special reserved reference (or pointer) value indicating that a reference does not refer to any object. It's useful for constructing...
  • Developing for Developers

    Secret sharing

    One of the most difficult problems in cryptographic key management is keeping a secret key safe from both compromise and loss. If you don't make enough backups, the key might be destroyed in a hardware failure or natural disaster. But if any backup...
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