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Modifier & VBA Articles & Links

Modifier & VBA Articles & Links

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This is a page to provide links to Modifier & VBA related articles and materials. Note that articles which mention specific versions are often valid for other versions as well.

Knowledge Base (KB) Articles

How to add a hidden field by using Modifier with Visual Basic for Applications in Microsoft Dynamics GP (KB 951230) Secure Link

Error message when you expand a scrolling window by using VBA in Microsoft Dynamics GP: "Run-time error '1008': Unsafe Operation" (KB 951231) Secure Link

How to use ActiveX Data Object (ADO) with VBA on a window with Microsoft Dynamics GP and with Microsoft Business Solutions - Great Plains 8.0 (KB 942327) Secure Link

How to use an ActiveX Data Object (ADO) with VBA on a report in Microsoft Dynamics GP (KB 954619) Secure Link

Information about the new connection objects in VBA that replace the RetrieveGlobals.dll and RetrieveGlobals9.dll files in Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 (KB 936115) Secure Link

Error message when you run the UserInfoGet.CreateADOConnection VBA function in Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0: "Login failed for user '[User Name]'" (KB 941457) Secure Link

Formats Not Exported to .Package Files (KB 851092) Secure Link

A user who is not an administrator experiences VBA permission problems in Microsoft Dynamics GP (KB 929612) Secure Link

Error "VBA Cannot be initialized. Cannot Import this package because it contains VBA components." when importing a package file in Microsoft Dynamics GP (KB 861062) Secure Link

Type mismatch error comparing currency fields in VBA (KB 843656) Secure Link


Training Materials

Modifier with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 Secure Link

Direct download of archive file

Note: The training materials are for version 9.0. Don't worry, this is the latest version and everything is still valid for later versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP and Dexterity.


26-Apr-2011: Added direct link to training materials.

  • The Modifier & VBA Articles & Links page and the Dexterity Articles & Links page have been

  • Over the years I have had many requests for training on the various tools available for customising or

  • Where can i down load the full version of econnect for GP10. i.e version which will create the objects in database.

  • Hi Tell. The database objects for eConnect are now (with GP 10.0) automatically installed by the standard server install for GP.

    If you need to re-install just the eConnect objects, a Database Maintenance tool was created for this purpose. This tool is installed with GP client for 10.0 SP2 or later.


  • I am trying to import my customization package onto a new laptop and I am receiving an error saying "Class not registered.  Looking for object with CLSID:{AC9F2F90-E887-11CE-9F68-00AA00574A4F}"  I've searched knowledge base and cant find anything.  

    Thanks in Advance

  • Hi Tracy

    I would say that your code references some external object or resource that is not installed on the target machine.  Check your code for external references.

    As this is a blog "comments" section and not a support site, if you have further questions then log a support incident or post your question to the public newsgroups or forum.


  • Is there a way to loop through a grid using vba?

  • Hi Natalie

    For your other comment (which I have deleted) on why VBA does not work, I would look at the following KB article, or log a support case.  Blog comments is not a good method of providing support.

    As for looping through a grid.  Your best choice (if possible) is to open a detail window (for example Sales Item Detail Entry from the Sales Transaction Entry window) and use the browse buttons to go to the start and then move through the data. If no expansion window is available, then use VBA SendKeys command to either use down arrow to move through or focus to the last editable field and send a tab.

    I will write a blog post on this later


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