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Dexterity Training in Orlando (Oct 20th to 24th 2008)

Dexterity Training in Orlando (Oct 20th to 24th 2008)

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DexterityThis is it.  The opportunity to get trained in the Dexterity fundamentals by one of the best trainers available.

Leslie Vail will be training a 5 day Dexterity I course in Orlando for the week of October 20th to 24th 2008. Not only does Leslie have vast knowledge at both the application level and development level, she is great fun too.

The course is organised through the partner Integrated Business Group (

This course is a must for anyone wanting to get started in the Dexterity development world and provides the foundations from which all other Dexterity skills can be built.  I have trained this course many times and cannot recommend it enough.  See point 3 in my blog posting on How to get started with Dexterity.

If there is enough interest in this training, Integrated Business Group will consider running the Dexterity II training as well.  This course (previously known as the Dexterity Advanced Integration Techniques or DAIT class) is also a 5 day course that takes the skills learnt in the Dexterity I course and shows how to use them to create integrations with the Microsoft Dynamics GP application.

If you would like more information, contact the training coordinator, Roxanna Alvarez, or at her direct line +1 (407) 965-9299.

The Dexterity I course synopsis is attached at the bottom of the article.

30-Oct-2008: If you have missed the October Training, please register your interest in obtaining training on the What Training do you want and where? post.

Attachment: Dexterity I Synopsis_081908.doc
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