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Customizing Visual Studio Tools Addin Modules

Customizing Visual Studio Tools Addin Modules

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David MeegoIn a recent Newsgroup posting, it was asked if Modifier and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) and the Extender module worked for windows created as part of a Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP Addin module.

The answer is that Modifier and VBA as well Extender can only work with Dexterity based windows.

Windows created by Visual Studio Tools are not Dexterity based windows. They are standard Visual Studio .Net windows "themed" to make them look similar to Dexterity.

There is no option for the end user or partner (other than the original developing partner) to customize or extend a Visual Studio Tools Addin window.

As the bulk of core code and addon products from Microsoft and ISVs are Dexterity based, the future of Modifier and VBA looks great.

I believe it is important to make developers and the community aware that the standard tools for customization will not be available for Visual Studio Tools Addins.


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