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Unexpected Hidden Talents - A new cake added

Unexpected Hidden Talents - A new cake added

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David Meego - Click for blog homepageIf you have not already seen my previous post on my hidden talent, now is an opportunity have have a look.

Last week it was the birthday of my younger son, Rohan, and my wife, Jennifer, and I made a birthday cake for him.  As he has been learning music on the piano, we decided to make a piano cake for him.  We even made a mini music book which had a piece of music that Rohan had written.  Jennifer scanned his sheet of music and reprinted it in miniature.

Rohan's 11th Birthday Cake

Go have a look at the other cakes Jennifer and I have created over the years.

Unexpected Hidden Talents - Decorating Cakes



PS: The recipe for the cakes and icing is also provided.

  • Beautiful Cake Again! :) Cutting it and eating it must be tough, after all the effort you put in. I once baked a cake, it didn't really "rise" as much as I would have liked, but I tested with a knife and it looked to be reasonably baked. So I decided to do some icing to cover for the lack of height. I googled for all sorts of icing recipes, added grated chocolate, made patterns with M&M's to make it into something that was presentable.  

    Ultimately, it did look presentable and I just didn't want anybody to cut it and ruin the design!

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