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Microsoft Windows 7 Beta and Release Candidate

Microsoft Windows 7 Beta and Release Candidate

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David MeegoIf you haven't seen Windows 7 yet or you have the beta version installed, you are running out of time to download the Release Candidate version.

After the 1st July 2009, the Beta version will start rebooting every 2 hours and will stop working entirely on the 1st August 2009. If you want to keep working with Windows 7, you will need to upgrade to the Release Candidate as soon as possible.

After 15th August you will no longer be able to download the Release Candidate.  See the post below for more information: 

Windows 7 Release Candidate downloads will end August 15th

Try it now, Windows 7 is very cool. 


  • When are we all to be given the opportunity in Australia to pre-order Windows 7 at the attractive prices being offered elsewhere around the world?

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