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WorldMaps Stumbler

WorldMaps Stumbler

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David Meego - Click for blog homepageBack in February 2009, I added WorldMaps tracking to the blog so we could track the hits the blog was receiving along with the approximate source location based on the IP addresses.

Thanks to you, the readers, we have remained ranked within the top 10 sites using WorldMaps.

The creator of WorldMaps, Brian Hitney (Microsoft Developer Evangelist), has come up with the goods again with the creation of a cool tool called the WorldMaps Stumbler (click the link for the tool).

WorldMaps Stumbler essentially plots WorldMaps data in near real time using Silverlight and Virtual Earth.

For more information on the tool please click on the Brian's blog post:

WorldMaps Stumbler.

I have added a Click for WorldMaps Stumbler link to the left hand panel of the blog which will open the WorldMaps Stumbler and display only the hits for the Developing for Dynamics GP blog.

Try it out to see the blog hits in near real time.


11-Jan-2010: Updated links for Stumbler due to changes made to WorldMaps for 2010.

  • David,

    Yes. It's wonderful. Only thing is Worldmaps now limited the new users registration. They are not giving out the map widget. I registered it after having impressed to see it on your blog and Mariano's. I didnt get any notification from them. So, I'm relying on Google Analytics for my blog. So, You are lucky enough to have it on yours

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