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Blast from the Past - The Inside Track Series

Blast from the Past - The Inside Track Series

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David Meego - Click for blog homepageAs most of you know, before I worked for Microsoft, I ran Winthrop Dexterity Consultants. Well, I had a look at the old website recently and decided that it really needs to be updated.

Since Winthrop sold the Omni Products to Rockton Software over three years ago, this is really long overdue.

I suppose the reason for hesitating was that there are still some useful information and downloads on the site which I would like to leave available.  So as part of the project to update the site I am going to move (and where appropriate... update) some of the best resources to the Developing for Dynamics GP blog. 

The first part of this migration process is to bring across Karl Gunderson's The Inside Track series of solution developer newsletters.  There were ten newsletters which were published between August 2000 and October 2001. I suppose if Karl was writing these newsletters now, they would have been blog posts.

I will be posting this articles over the next few weeks for you to read.  There is still much value in what Karl had to say, but I should mention that there might be information that is no longer valid today.  It took between one and two hours to reformat each post for the blog, but I believe it was worth the effort.

The table below lists the articles with their original dates as well as when they will be posted on the blog. 

Please note that articles will only be available on or after the date shown.

Month & Year  Description  Post Date 
August 2000  Introduction  16-Dec-2009 
October 2000  Portable Code and Why .Net?  21-Dec-2009 
November 2000  XML & XSL  23-Dec-2009 
December 2000  CLR - Common Language Runtime 28-Dec-2009 
January 2001  COM and inter-application Communication 30-Dec-2009 
February 2001  XML Reprise  04-Jan-2010 
March 2001  UML - Understanding Meta Language  06-Jan-2010 
June 2001  Representative and Reactionary Programming  11-Jan-2010 
August 2001  Please Step This Way, Part 1 13-Jan-2010 
October 2001  Please Step This Way, Part 2 18-Jan-2010 

Please note that articles will only be available on or after the date shown.

Note: Some of the links mentioned in the newsletters are no longer valid.

The series will conclude on 20-Jan-2010 with a summary post.


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