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Modal Window Issues Resolved in Visual Studio Tools 10.0

Modal Window Issues Resolved in Visual Studio Tools 10.0

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Patrick Roth - Click for blog homepageHow many of you develop in Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP?

How many of you ran into an 'issue' after displaying your own .NET modal window?

The 'issue' takes the form of either:

  1. Not being able to tab in a GP window
  2. Not being able to click/select a field with the mouse cursor in your .NET window

Both of these have recently been resolved in separate fixes as the solution to each problem was different.

If you are having the tabbing issue described above, KB 2011820 Customersource is the one you want to download.

If you cannot click into your modal .NET window, then KB 2011612 Customersource is the solution you need.

While todays post is short-and-sweet, the users who are running into this issue will be happy to see it.

Hope this helps,

Patrick Roth
Developer Support

10-Sep-2010: With the release of Dynamics GP 10.0 SP5, these issues have been fixed in the runtime and the above solutions are no longer required.  For more information see here.

16-Sep-2010: Updated Link to KB Articles.

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