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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Beta Released

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Beta Released

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David Meego - Click for blog homepageThe Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Beta code has been released.  This release, previously known as GP "11.0", is the largest release in Microsoft Dynamics GP history with a massive amount of development work and time going into it.  It can be downloaded from PartnerSource using the link below:

Beta Download for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 (PartnerSource)

We are excited to announce the newest version to the Microsoft Dynamics GP platform: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 will focus on increasing depth and reach for core functionality, enriching integrations with the Microsoft Office system, extending external connections through Web Services, and ensuring faster Return on Investment (ROI) for customers. This release is the final data model planned for this release along with all the planned features shipping with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010.

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I think you will all agree that we have an exciting year ahead.


PS: For information on how to translate Dexterity code, have a look at the Translating Dexterity Applications Series.

  • I am trying to understand which hardware I need for the Core and Core Plus v2 and beyond virtual images to be in a position to utilize these in advance of the RTM version which assumes comes with documentation.  In the old days you could use virtual PC on your laptop fairly successfully.  I do not see where I could utilize my laptop if 8GB of memory is required.

  • Hi Mark,

    Most new laptops can be expanded to 8 GB of RAM, but if you have one that is a year or two old that may not be the case. Of course the Hyper-V images will run with less RAM than 8 GB, but performance won't be optimal likely. You can view all of the requirements for these images on our team blog here ( We can't make specific hardware recommendations (as far as brands/models) so check them out and do some surfing to find a model that suits your needs. Take care!


  • Hi,

    When does the beta expire?

  • Hi Todd

    As far as I know it does not have an expiry, but it is beta code and should not be used to run a live system (other than the official beta testing sites).


  • Overall, it's more compatible with Windows 7 x64 than version 10, but I can't install web services because it complains that it can't install on an x64 machine.  

    Obviously this is a bug since none of the notes or documents mentions this.

  • Bob,

    That might be just the Beta build.  It installs just fine here on Win 7 64 bit.

    As a side note - Web Services for 2010 are a supported configuration on non-server OS's for development only.  For production, server 2003/2008 are required.  That's what the system guys tell me anyway.

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