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Modifying Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Word Templates

Modifying Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Word Templates

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David Meego - Click for blog homepageMicrosoft Dynamics GP 2010 added some very cool functionality to the product which allows reports to be generated in Microsoft Word.  It is perfect for creating custom layouts with logos and graphics for Sale Order Processing (SOP) and Purchase Order Processing (POP) documents.

This functionality leverages the Dexterity Report Writer as an engine to gather information and export it as XML data.  This data is then read by the Microsoft Word template to produce the document. 

If you want to get additional data, you need to modify the standard report using Report Writer so that the additional information is included on the modified version of the report.  Make sure the Alternate Modified Forms and Report ID has been changed to use the new report and the data will now be available for the template to use. 

So you might ask ... Where in the file system can I find the template documents to edit?

The answer is nowhere.

The templates are not stored in the file system at all.  To provide a central repository for the templates so they can be accessed by any user from any workstation, they are actually stored in the DYNAMICS.dbo.syReportTemplates table on SQL Server. Note that this table is not defined in any Dexterity dictionary.

Below is a quick step by step guide to creating a modified template:

Part 1 - Creating a new template from the original

  1. From the menus, select Reports >> Template Maintenance.
  2. Click on the Report Name (where it says "Click here to select a report").
  3. Click on the report is already in the list or select More Reports and navigate to the report you wish to modify.
  4. Click New and select From Existing Template.
  5. Select the Template from the list that is to be the starting point for the new template.
  6. Enter the New Template's Name and click Create.

Part 2 - Modifying the template

  1. In the Available Templates list select the newly created template.
  2. Click Modify to open Microsoft Word with the template loaded.
  3. Make the changes as desired.
  4. Select File >> Save As.
  5. If using Microsoft Word 2010, make sure the Maintain compatibility with previous versions of Word option is checked. The template must be saved in 2007 .docx format not 2010 .docx format.
    Note: If you don't check the Maintain compatibility option, we have seen issues with the Template Processing Engine occur including xml errors or processing failing to complete.
  6. Save the template to a known location, for example: Your desktop.
  7. Close Word, or at least make sure the template document is closed. This will prevent an error on the next step.
  8. Click the green plus sign to Add a template.
  9. Locate the previously saved document and click Open.
  10. Select "Yes" when asked if you wish to replace the existing template.

Part 3 - Assigning the template

  1. In the Available Templates list select the now modified template.
  2. Click Assign >> Company. Check the appropriate companies and click Save.
  3. Click Assign >> Customer (Debtor) or Vendor (Creditor).  I will refer to Customer for this example.
  4. Click the green plus sign and select the appropriate Customers by Customer ID or Customer Class. Don't worry if your range includes extra customers or classes as they can be removed in the next step. Click OK.
  5. If there are any customers or classes added which need to be removed, mark the checkbox to the left of the customer or class and click the red cross to delete them.
  6. You can continue adding customers or classes as needed.
  7. Once your have completed your selections, click Save.

Note: You can also right click in the Available Templates window to perform most of the actions for the window.

For more information on Word Templates and how to use them, please look at the printable manuals installed with Microsoft Dynamics GP. You will find an entire section In the System Setup Guide (SystemSetup.pdf), look at Part 7: Chapter 34: Word templates. [Edit] There is also a huge amount of information in the Report Writer User's Guide (ReportWriter.pdf), look at the Part 9: Word Templates (Chapters 34-39).

Thanks to Rob Wagner on the Dynamics GP development team for the great work in developing this functionality. 


02-Jun-2010: Added details of Word Templates section in the Report Writer manual. Thanks to Steve Kubis for pointing that out.

01-Dec-2010: Added link to Mariano's post: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Word Templates summary.

06-Dec-2010: Updated section on Maintain Compatibility option for Microsoft Word 2010.

  • Posting from Vaidy Mohan

  • Great article David, I've been getting a lot of questions about this - now I can just send them to you!


  • If you want more details about how Word Templates work, look in Part 9 of the ReportWriter.pdf printable manual. For details about using report templates and modified reports, see Chapter 38 in that same PDF. (This information is also available in the Report Writer online help, RW.chm)

  • Good point about modifying the RW report to add additional fields.

    I created this short video that shows the Word Template functionality in action:

  • Posting from Mark Polino at

  • It's not clear if and how you could make a modified SOP Long Invoice Form available to Word. Is it possible?

  • Hi Ian

    I believe the documentation in the Report Writer manual covers this.


  • David,

    I am using Microsoft Dynamics GP Word add on.

    We upgrade from GP 10 to GP 2010. During upgrade process i Upgrade our reports to GP 2010.

    But according to Documentation some of the report cannot be upgrade eg SOP reports.

    So When I use my upgraded reports (SOP Blank order form not created from scratch upgraded from v10 to 2010) in word template i am NOT able to see all  fields eg HST/GST/QST Calculated fieds. (But i can successfully print Customer ID, Shipping methods etc) on to word templated

    But when i create Report from scratch I am able to see my HST/GST/QST calculated fields even they are prininting correctly on my reports BUT (Customer ID, Shipping methods etc) are not printing on to templates.

    This is really strange to me why its like that.

    Please suggest.

  • Hi Q

    The reports in the GP Report writer are used to create the XML document that integrates with the Word form.  That report must contain all the fields you wish to be used on the Word form.

    The formatting is no longer relevent, but the fields need to be available.  If you are now going to use Word forms, I suggest starting with the original RW report and adding the extra fields you need.

    This will fix the not upgradable issues.

    If you need more help, please use the forums or a support incident as comments are not the best way to deliver support.



  • David,

    Thanks for your fair explanation, i could use Microsoft Dynamics with ease for now. Keep sharing,



  • Dave,

    This is a great post, as always!!!

    Thanks for caring and sharing :)

    Thank you much!


  • David,

    8.Click the green plus sign to Add a template.

    9.Locate the previously saved document and click Open.

    When i click on the below steps,(8) the green button does not respond,it does not take me to step 9.

    Any suggesttions?

    NB: Can you do the same for RM Blank Document?

    Your input will be highly appreciated


  • Hi Charles

    If the Green Plus symbol is enabled, it should open the dialog when clicked.  If it does not work, you might need to log a support case.

    It works for RM Blank Document for me.


  • Hi,

    I've been recking my brain with this one. Here is the scenario.. Created SOP Blank Invoice (Modified) work template with compnay logos and format. The Word SOP document generated perfectly on my local machine and client environment VM i.e. Same O/S , SQL and GP2010 version.

    However when I copy and import the modified report into the LIVE environment the word engine generates a blank report i.e the design is there but no data is pulling through.

    Any idea's or suggestions as to how to resolve this issue?



  • Hi Hammond

    No quick answer comes to mind.  Please note that blog comments are not a good support method.

    Can I suggest asking on the newsgroups so others can help and also others can benefit from the answer.  There are links for newsgroups and forums on the right hand side of the blog page  The other option is to open a support incident.



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