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Robocup Junior WA 2010 Rescue Premier State Champions

Robocup Junior WA 2010 Rescue Premier State Champions

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David Meego - Click for blog homepageThis one is off-topic, but fun and a proud father can get away with things like this.

My son, Aaron, and two of his school friends from All Saints College have been spending many hours during breaks and after school working on a Lego robot for the Australian Robocup Junior Rescue Premier competition. 

Last weekend, their team (called Clever.bat) won the State competition for the Rescue Premier League. The challenge is to build a robot that can navigate a random path (the black line) avoiding obstacles, going over bridges and taking shortcuts (marked by green squares) when possible. Eventually arriving at a chemical spill (green area), where the robot must locate a person (silver can) and carry them to safety (red block).

Watch the video below to see their robot in action.

Note: Don't worry that they spelt Aaron's surname wrong.

Here is the link to the Robocup WA 2010 Finalists who now have the opportunity to compete in the national finals.

Well done. 


20-Sep-2010: Update: After competing in the national titles in Canberra, Aaron and his Clever.bat teammates came in fifth overall.  Next year they can aim for first..... and make their robot faster.  It was able to achieve everything it needed to, but went over the time limit.

  • Impressive! Congrats to you and to Aaron and his schoolmates.

  • Congratulations to Aaron and his team! My friends in college did similar stuff - Robots who would play basketball, but they were in the 2nd year of Elec Engineering!

    Can't imagine what Aaron would be doing in a few years :) Good Luck to him for the finals.

  • Congratulations to Aaron, and to the proud parents! Can't really expect any less from a son of yours, can we, David?

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