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New TV Commercials showing Windows, Windows Phone and Cloud Services

New TV Commercials showing Windows, Windows Phone and Cloud Services

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David Meego - Click for blog homepageThere have been some new Microsoft TV Commercials released recently which show off how all the Microsoft products and services can work together from the PC to the phone and the cloud. 

Check out the videos below. I like the "Keep Shopping" advert and example as that shows a real practical use.


TV Commercial - "Their Wedding"


Microsoft "Epic Share"


Microsoft "Keep Shopping" TV Commercial


Sync your family grocery list 


For more info see:


So have you set up your shared shopping list via OneNote on your SkyDrive yet?


  • Not bad but these commercials barely show what the Windows Phone can do.  Need more commercials that are software informative.  I talked to people that don't realize Windows Phone is a SMARTPHONE.

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