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No Blog Post Today

No Blog Post Today

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David Meego - Click for blog homepageHey everyone, today there will be no blog post.

This is because it is my 20th Wedding Anniversary and I have decided that I don't have to post anything today. Not even a picture that shows how young, slim and clean shaven I looked back then, like the one below:


I am sure you will forgive me, I will post something new soon.


  • Happy Platinum Anniversary my dear friend... You have put on lot of weight (must be the happiness after the marriage). :)

  • Super congrats on the 20th.  You both are too cute!

  • Wow, congrats, that's a major achievement ! Wishing you both good health and happiness for many many more years to come !

  • Happy Anniversary !!!! Both of you look super cute!!!

  • Congrats to you and condolences to your wife. My wife and I will hit 20 years in May. This picture looks like something out of an 80's teen movie.

  • Congratulations! I would have to agree with Jivtesh... achievement indeed, considering who Jennifer had to marry. Love you guys! Enjoy the day.


    Mariano Gomez, MVP

  • Congratulations David and Jennifer. Keep smiling!

  • Happy Anniversary, David.

  • Belated wishes, David. And wow what a pic it is! Shall I say that's so very romantic and cute... Wish you both a blissful life...

  • Posting from Jivtesh Singh at About Dynamics, Development and Life

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