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The Windows Phone $100 Challenge #smokedbywindowsphone

The Windows Phone $100 Challenge #smokedbywindowsphone

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David Meego - Click for blog homepageAt the recent CES 2012 conference Ben the PC Guy (@benthepcguy) and the Windows Phone team setup a challenge. They would give US$100 to anyone who could perform and everyday action on their non Windows Phone faster than Ben could on his HTC Titan Windows Phone.

The challenges included tasks such as

  • Taking a photo and posting it on Facebook
  • Locating a nearby 4 star restaurant and finding directions
  • Posting a status update onto multiple social networks
  • Texting to a friend
  • Listening to a song and then identify it, download it and play it

If the challenger wins they would get US$100. If the Windows Phone wins, the challenger has to admit on camera that they were "Smoked by a Windows Phone" (#smokedbywindowsphone). Some of the losers were lucky enough to be given a free Windows Phone.

The challenge ran for duration of the conference and the results were 30 wins, 3 losses and 1 draw. That's a score of 88%.... and some of the losses were by a second or so.

Below is a sample of the videos for the challenge

Introduction to the Windows Phone $100 Challenge


Windows Phone $100 Challenge Day 1 Recap


Windows Phone $100 Challenge Day 2 Recap


Best of Windows Phone $100 Challenge Final Recap


For more information check out Ben's posts on the Windows Phone Blog:


Try a Windows Phone today, I am sure you will find it faster and easier to use for everyday tasks than its competitors.



  • Is this a Windows 7+ phone?  Then yes, I got one that will beat it every time - sync to your local pc Outlook.

  • John,

    Clearly from the videos above this is a Windows 7 phone yes.

    As for the possibility of the WIndows 7 phone cannot be beat - that was never mentioned as a possibility.  The video and this blog mentions the record at 30-3-1.  Not a bad track record.

  • Hi John. This was a speed competition to complete mutually agreed on every day tasks.

    It is already known that Windows Phones don't sync to local PCs for mail. They are cloud based devices.

    Your local outlook had to sync with a server somewhere. They sync with the same server.

    Even if using POP3 mail, there is a setting to leave mail on the server for x days. Use that and both the phone and PC can sync to the server.


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