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April Fool: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 to use Ctree as primary database platform

April Fool: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 to use Ctree as primary database platform

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David Meego - Click for blog homepageNote: This is an April Fool's Joke.

Now that I have returned from Convergence 2012 in Houston, I have been given permission by the Product Management and Development teams to reveal some vital information that will affect users of Microsoft Dynamics GP as they migrate to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 (formerly known as GP "12").

It has been a hard decision, but it has now been confirmed that Ctree will be taking over from SQL Server as the primary database platform for this next release of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Ctree was the first database platform that Dexterity (the development environment behind Microsoft Dynamics GP) used, and support is still native to the environment.

Ctree has many advantages, such as low overheads, fast performance, automatic creation of tables when they are not present. It does not require additional code like those zDP_ stored procedures in SQL to improve performance.

Using Ctree will make the solution even more cost effective as there will no longer be a requirement for a separate SQL Server machine. You can use your existing file server, or even a workstation machine using peer to peer file sharing.

The lower overheads will allow Microsoft Dynamics GP to run on lower powered systems and with the future of Windows 8 on ARM and SOC hardware, we will see entire financial systems running on light weight tablets before you know it.

These are exciting times as we move forward with a low cost and low overheads database solution that will enable Microsoft Dynamics GP to move in the new era of Cloud based computing and Consumerization of IT.

Thanks to Errol Schoenfish for allowing me to break this exciting news. 


EDIT 04/02/12 PTR - It is the 2nd of April now and this well written and clever joke is over.  Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 will continue to use the Microsoft SQL platform as the database and NOT going back to the Ctree platform.

  • David,

    It's not April 1 in the states, yet!

  • Awesome... And it's not even April 1st yet (where I am) so it must be true! ;)

  • ...and it is 1st of April.

    Oh! and you filed it under "Fun" :)

  • You rock again...this time tooo!!!

  • Was waiting for this. :)

  • Lolol... Good one for 1st April!

  • What a 'foolish' idea - must have come from down under somewhere...

  • Nice April fools Dave. Shame though as you have raised some good points!!

  • Happy April, David.  Just now I was thinking of a few years ago when I was telling everyone in my office how sanscript was being moved into Visual Studio.  Realizing it was April 1, I thought I'd look in on this year's announcement!  Cheers to you!

  • Is this for April 1st? This post is under tag 'fun'.

  • OK, you had me for a minute or two...

  • Are we sure this isn't a april folks joke?

  • April fools or are you serious?

  • Great April's Fools joke!  I always look forward to what you come up with.

  • April fools!

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