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Convergence 2012 Fun: Complete the Sentence....

Convergence 2012 Fun: Complete the Sentence....

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While going through my photographs from Convergence 2012 in Houston we came across this photo and decided that it would be fun for you to "Complete the Sentence...." 

This is from the Opening Keynote on Day 1 with Kevin Turner (Chief Operating Officer, Microsoft Corporation) and Kirill Tatarinov (President, Microsoft Business Solutions Division).

Kevin Turner and Kirill Tatarinov

So Kirill says to Kevin: "When I meet with our customers, partners and prospects ...."

Now you post a comment to complete the sentence.

Have fun, this is just between you and me, no-one else will see it.... OK, a few might see it.


  • To get the ball rolling:

    .... I point my fingers like gun at them and say "Put 'em up".

    Well this was in Texas.

  • When I meet with our Customers, Partners and Prospects... I use that Taser you're holding and force people to install the Support Debugging Tool.

  • I ask when are they getting off of AX and moving to GP!

  • I tell them YOU'RE the guy that designed Dynamics GP!

  • I give them your name and email address while assuring them that whatever they're asking to have added into the next build of GP that you'll PERSONALLY make sure that it happens, and that they should contact your regularly just to follow up.

  • Posting from Janakiram at Dynamics Blogger

  • Posting from Mark Polino at

  • ... I make sure they know you're the one to blame for what's not working. And by the way, why are you laughing?

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