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by David Musgrave (Perth, Australia) and Microsoft Dynamics GP Developer Support Team (Fargo, ND, USA)

Kinect and Microsoft Dynamics GP at Convergence 2012

Kinect and Microsoft Dynamics GP at Convergence 2012

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David Meego - Click for blog homepageLast year, I spoke about Using Microsoft Kinect with Microsoft Dynamics GP; in this post I highlighted the great demo that MVP Jivtesh Singh created to control the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2 Business Analyser with gestures.

This year at the recent Convergence conference in Houston, we were treated to a couple of demos involving Microsoft Dynamics GP and the Kinect. I mentioned them in my post for the day, Microsoft Convergence 2012 Houston - Day 1: Dynamics GP General Session.

As not everyone had a chance to see the demo live or via the Virtual Convergence site, Jivtesh reposted one of them in his post, The Kinect with GP Demo at Convergence.

Later the product team decided to re-film the demos and make them available for download. Jay discusses this in his post, Convergence Kinect Demonstrations - Business Analyzer and Pick, Pack, Ship Scenario, which announces a new sales and demo tools page for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.

Below are the videos of the Kinect Demos for you to enjoy.


Kinect Warehouse Demo at Convergence


Microsoft Dynamics GP, Business Analyzer and Kinect


Microsoft Dynamics GP, Kinect and a Pick/Pack/Ship scenario

This demo was created by Jivtesh working with the product team in Fargo. Excellent work Jivtesh.



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