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The Dynamics GP Blogster works with Report Writer and the Support Debugging Tool

The Dynamics GP Blogster works with Report Writer and the Support Debugging Tool

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David Meego - Click for blog homepageMy great friend Mariano Gomez, The Dynamics GP Blogster, has been busy recently creating some fantastic step by step posts on customising reports using Report Writer.

His first post shows a method to get the Customer Item User Defined fields showing on the SOP Invoice. Mariano discusses the more traditional methods of using Table Relationships (which won't work as the key fields are not available) or Using ADO with VBA with Report Writer (which his client did not want as VBA will not be compatible with the GP 2013 web client).

So instead, he used the Support Debugging Tool's support for Report Writer and used a similar method to the one described in the post: How to display more than 80 characters of an Extender Long String field in reports using the Support Debugging Tool. Check out his detailed post at the link below:


His second post shows how to use Report Writer Functions to add more comments to Purchase Order Processing documents. It uses a similar method to Adding more comments to SOP Documents and explains steps required in detail. Have a look at this post:


Thanks Mariano


  • Hey David! Thanks for showcasing these two posts on your site.


    Mariano Gomez, MVP

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