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by David Musgrave (Perth, Australia) and Microsoft Dynamics GP Developer Support Team (Fargo, ND, USA)

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Web Client Standalone Deployment

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Web Client Standalone Deployment

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Jason Lech - Click for blog homepageMy name is Jason Lech and I am an Escalation Engineer for the Microsoft Dynamics GP Product. I have been a functional and technical consultant as well as being in a support role. Though I try to stay up on all facets of the application, my areas of expertise are in the web applications and technologies around Microsoft Dynamics GP.

With the Beta for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 recently becoming available for download, there has been interest in getting familiar with the Web Client.

The first step in the process is to get it installed, which can be a daunting task when all the requirements and components of the installation may not be fully understood.

To this end, I have recorded a video to help you with the following topics: 

  • Server Prerequisites
  • Network Prerequisites
  • Client Prerequisites
  • Creating a Self-Signed Certificate
  • Binding the Self-Signed Certificate to a Website in IIS
  • Installing the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Web Client
  • Accessing the Web Client

The video can be view below or accessed at the following address:


Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Web Client Standalone Installation


It is just under 17 minutes in length. System processing time has been removed from the installation to improve the viewing experience.

Best Regards,


  • Nice job Jason!  Keep the information coming on the Web Client and it's release

  • Thanks Jason for the info!  Do you have instructions on how to setup webclient to be able to access a Dexterity Stand Alone dictionary?

  • Thanks Jason. Nice info. So, I have the same question than Dino. Is there any option to publish a Dexterity Stand Alone Aplication over webclient for gp?

  • Hi Dino and Luis

    I suggest you contact Microsoft Support (Dynamics GP Developer team) and ask that question.

    I believe that there is functionality in Dynamics GP (Dynamics.dic) which handles some of what is needed for the web client.  This would not be in a standalone product.

    Let me know what you find and I can post an article on my new blog at


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