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Meet your Match with Windows Phone 8

Meet your Match with Windows Phone 8

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David Meego - Click for blog homepageAfter the recent release of Windows Phone 8, Ben (The PC Guy) has been busy creating some great new videos showcasing Windows Phone 8 and the new devices available.

Here is the "Meet Your Match" series. This follows on from the "Smoked by Windows Phone" series, but concentrates on how people user their phones rather than just being faster.

Below are the videos released in this series so far:


The Cook Family's match: The Windows Phone 8X by HTC



Nokia Lumia 920: Sarah's match is a Windows Phone


Parents find their match with Kid's Corner on Windows Phone


David's match: The Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone



For the entire playlist, click here: Meet Your Match with Windows Phone.


For more information see the following post





  • Hi David,

    thanks for sharing those great videos :-).

    I got my Lumia 920 fresh from the press yesterday and discover a whole new world, leaving my iPhone 3GS after 3 years of service.

    Let's see how long it'll take me to be equally efficient ;-)


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