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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Demonstration Toolkit Hyper-V image set is available for download

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Demonstration Toolkit Hyper-V image set is available for download

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David Meego - Click for blog homepageThe product team have announced the release of the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Demonstration Toolkit Hyper-V image set. Here is some information from Jay Manley, see his post (link below) for the full rundown:

This image has Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 RTM code!  Not Beta! 

And the web client has been deployed inside of the image. 

It also has Management Reporter 2012 including the web viewer!

And finally, has Office 2013 installed on it along with the new demo dashboards!


Enjoy this demo image set, and wishes for much business success with it!


Special thank you to:

John Dooley – For your always tireless image work.  Without you this simply would not have happened!
Aaron Donat – For not only getting the web client working in the image, but also getting us (early) to RTM code with this image release!


Below are the links to Jay's announcement post and the direct link to the download page:


Thanks to Jay, John and Aaron for making this happen.



  • Hi David,

    THese look great, except that I am not able to get a connection into the web client...just says unexpected error has occured.  Is there any documentation as to the specifics, like logins and password required for each component? Or did I miss downloading something?

    Cheers, R

  • Robert,

    You might want to check for more on the site as well as on our blog at


  • Microsoft now allows the Hyper-V demonstration images for GP 2013 for download, but this link (below) does not include the complete instructions document and many blogs refer to the GP 2010 R2 instructions, but this is not included. Can someone post or help out with the instructions?

  • When I go to Order entry in business Portal I get Unexpected error Troubleshoot issues with Microsoft Sharepoint foundation 08f0f6e4-1070-40ad-97ad-8cd56a22113a. I also get an unexpected error when  I try to login to the web client

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